Letters To The Editor

Friday, April 18, 2003 at 1:00am

Can't rely on U.N. for nation building


We cannot depend on the United Nations to make peace in Iraq. France, Germany, Russia and Japan forget that only those nations whose post-World War II recovery were administered by the Allies (minus the Soviet Union) developed both democratically and economically.

The United Nations has some experience with keeping warring parties buffered in its past peacekeeping missions. However, without consensus among member nations to push political, economic and human rights reform, U.N.-led nation building will continue to give the world the nagging problems we have in Cyprus, North Korea, and so many of the Middle Eastern and African nations.

We should back President Bush and his team as they try to persuade those who say nation building can't be done without the United Nations in charge. History and results are in his corner.



Bravery's 2 types: fighting, protesting


I very rarely, if ever, respond to someone's opinion that I see in print. I believe people have a right to their opinions. And it is too much of a hassle to sit down and write a response and send the letter to someone who probably does not care about my opinion anyway.

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