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Monday, April 21, 2003 at 1:00am

Reason for opinion: parallel universe


I want to express profound appreciation to letter writer Ben Meeks. His April 17 letter, "Thank goodness for FOX News," proves beyond any doubt that a parallel universe surely exists right here on planet earth.

While I've been forced to check out alternative news sources - such as FSTV (Free Speech TV) and Worldlink TV - to find broadcasters who weren't outright cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq, Meeks is only satisfied by FOX News, whose personnel, in my universe, do not even pretend to be objective.

Giving Meeks the benefit of the doubt when he infers that he has an informed point of view, I can only conclude that he or I are living in parallel universes. I reach that conclusion because in the universe where I reside, neo-fascists such as Steve Gill, Phil Valentine and the FOX News crew do not deliver actual news, but rather an intolerant agenda that has nothing to do with delivering news and has everything to do with delivering an exclusionary point of view.

For the aforementioned Axis of Disinformation to be so respected by Meeks, he must surely be receiving different versions of their programming than I receive on my radio and satellite dish. Otherwise, Meeks, who claims that being informed is "what matters most," would have written an entirely different letter.



Get U.S. out of United Nations


Much of the increasing anti-U.N. sentiment in America is based on disappointment that the United Nations is ineffective and hasn't done its job regarding Iraq. As a result, calls for granting the United Nations more power are being heard. This is a dangerous attitude.

America should never have joined the United Nations in the first place. Congress should be urged to support H.R. 1146, the bill calling for U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations. There's a growing number of local citizens joining in this effort.

One good reason to quit the world body appears in Article 25 of the U.N. Charter, which states, "The members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council in accordance with the present Charter." How can any American agree to subvert our sovereignty to a body that has so often shown hostility to U.S. positions? Our government made a bad decision to co-found the United Nations in 1945. We can now correct that bad judgment by getting out.

Another reason to de-fund the United Nations is its population control agenda, which promotes abortion and distributes contraceptive kits to anyone. At a press conference held during the 1994 U.N. Population Summit in Cairo, a Muslim pro-life activist Dr. Kajid Katme earned a standing ovation from Egyptian journalists when he declared, "For Muslims, God is the only population controller." According to Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute, the U.N.'s social agenda awaiting those Muslim lands slated for "liberation" by the U.S. military "are better at promoting population control and radical feminism than in building free market democracies abroad."

We don't need another U.N. "solution" like Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I or Bosnia. The world was much better off without the United Nations for centuries. Why let this cancer, bent on taking control over sovereign nations, grow any longer? Urge the congressional "surgeons" to apply the scalpel while America is still strong. Get U.S. out of the United Nations!



Bring justice to murderer


Paul wanted a car. Sarah wanted a car. Paul was a convicted felon. Sarah was 16 and in high school. Sarah went to work at Captain D's. Paul went to Donelson one Sunday morning and robbed the Captain D's. Paul murdered Sarah and her manager, Steve Hampton, 25, to get money for his car.

Well, Paul didn't get enough money, so he murdered Ronald Santiago, 27, Robert A. Sewell Jr., 23, and Andrew Brown, 17, at the McDonalds right down the street. Paul still didn't have enough money, so while visiting a woman in Clarksville he killed Angie Holmes, 21, and Michelle Mace, 16.

Paul Reid finally got caught. Three different juries found that justice in these murder cases would be served best with the death penalty. April 29, 2003, is the date set for this justice to be served.

Randy Tatel, with the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing, wants his 2,000 members to lobby for a stay of this execution. Out of the seven people Reid killed in his quest for a new car, three were teen-agers. None of the other four were over 27. The victims' families never got to appeal their deaths. There will be no bringing back of these seven youngsters. Reid was jury, judge and executioner.

It is time for justice to be served. The victims' families deserve it. If no one is willing to flip the switch, well, then the governor can call me. Please take a minute of your day and call the governor at 741-2001, and let him know that you want justice for the seven youngsters murdered by Paul Dennis Reid.



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