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Thursday, June 5, 2003 at 1:00am

Public servants act like royalty


In a time of falling prices, failing job markets and people out of work everywhere, with state and local governments cutting expenses, I ask any sane person why the city of Nashville would double Mayor Bill Purcell's salary and raise Metro Council members' salaries?

These folks spent megabucks to acquire these jobs at the present salaries, and they are apparently attractive enough at their present salaries. Only the government would suggest raising their leaders' salaries when the civilian population is financially suffering and getting laid off from work or scaled back in their work and pay.

Get real, folks. Tax money does not grow on trees. It is our tax money - the tax money of those getting the ax daily in our civilian jobs. I am tired of government employees getting all the breaks with my money by raising my taxes. Before long the government employee will be the only one that will have a retirement program and health benefits.

Speaking of retirement programs, why are government officials like mayors given retirement benefits? There are no longer any public servants; instead, a lot act like public royalty.



O'Reilly calls Franken fanatic


Tuesday morning I saw a television clip of an interchange between Bill O'Reilly and Al Franken. Franken has written a book about prominent liars and included O'Reilly in it. On one point O'Reilly maintained he did not lie but merely misspoke. A heated verbal battle broke out ending with O'Reilly declaring that Franken is a "fanatic," and, as such, did not deserve any credence.

Those of us who are bombarded by O'Reilly's columns in The City Paper surely must see this as the biggest example in history of the pot calling the kettle black. If O'Reilly is not a fanatic, then I don't know who is.



Lethal injection hurts like pin prick


Regarding one of your May 30 letters to the editor ("State death penalty should be abolished"), I'm afraid one writer is following the tired old leftist tactic of providing half truths

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