Letters To The Editor

Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 1:00am

Hillary won't go over well in South


Bill Press wants us to believe that Sen. Hillary Clinton will prove a formidable candidate should she choose to make a late jump into the 2004 presidential race (June 11, "Hillary Clinton's on move with book and maybe more," p. 2). Press is certainly entitled to his opinion; however, he happens to be 100 percent wrong.

Press suggests that a recent "stop Hillary" fund-raising letter shows how much national Republicans fear a Clinton candidacy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sen. Clinton is a polarizing political figure, and the GOP is simply capitalizing on her unpopularity among the Republican rank-and-file. I'm sure Democrats would do the same if, say, Trent Lott or Tom DeLay decided to run for president.

Unfortunately for Press, the Bush/Cheney 2004 effort will bear little resemblance to Rick Lazio's poorly managed campaign. For the liberals who've been cheerleading on behalf of Sen. Clinton, I have two words: billing records. Karl Rove will have a field day reminding Americans why we were all so glad to have the Clintons leave the national stage.

Finally, it's hard to imagine that Sen. Clinton's hyper-liberalism will go over well in America's heartland. The famous red-blue map from the 2000 presidential election will become even more pronounced if Sen. Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee. Unless she can make inroads in the South (see Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton), it's well-nigh impossible for a Democrat to win the presidency. If Press thinks Sen. Clinton is going to win any Southern state, I have some beach property in Kansas I'm willing to sell him.



Bush not popular across the Atlantic


Around here I hear people saying that all those British people are lying: "Of course there are weapons of mass destruction (WMD) out there. The British are covering them up. No sir, can't fool us 'Amerkins.'"

However, the lies and deception that led up to this war are cracking our last old European alliance. Bush and his advisors are idiots, and certainly dangerous ones. Greed and lust for power is what made them so stupid. And then, of course, there is the massive corruption that has marked our government, media and courts for the last 50 years or so, thanks to America's powerful corporations that enjoy "personhood" in our silly courts.

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