Letters To The Editor

Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 1:00am

Spay/neuter unit: good track record


I must contest the comments made by Metro Animal Services Director Judy Ladebauche as regards the spay/neuter mobile unit operated by the Nashville Humane Association (June 23, "Health, Sontany battle over van," p. 1).

Ladebauche's comments were completely out of line and unfounded, at least in regards to the success of the Nashville Human Association's mobile unit, though I cannot personally speak for the success of the Wilson County program. Wilson County's own Web site, though, claims to have sterilized over 11,000 animals since April 2000. So, what indeed are the expectations?

I freely confess to having a vested interest in the spay/neuter mobile unit, as my wife is a head veterinary technician aboard it. Overall, the program has successfully spayed or neutered over 700 cats and dogs during the program, which has a four-month history. I challenge anyone to find a veterinarian in or near Davidson County with such a track record.

The fact is, there are a great many animals in the community who need to be sterilized, and there is no way to sterilize every animal in the community.

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