Letters To The Editor

Friday, June 27, 2003 at 1:00am

Understanding: first step to peace


For more than a year now we have heard President Bush, along with supporters of Israel, condemn those people and nations who "sponsor" terrorism (via suicide bombers). Well, here's a twist: Arabs and Palestinians believe that as supporters of Israel, we sponsor terrorism.

If you wish to contribute to the resolution of this problem, here's an assignment: Spend the next two months learning why they feel as they do. This world turns on an axis of perception, and understanding those perceptions is the first step to reconciliation. So far it appears that most of our leaders have lacked the wisdom to pursue this course.



Good hockey team takes time to grow


I am responding to a commentary by Mark Howard that ran in The City Paper's June 20 edition ("A little nerve couldn't hurt," p. 46). There are several points in this commentary with which I take issue. It is a prime example of how the majority of sports coverage in this town is so ignorant of hockey.

Hockey is not football, not NASCAR, not basketball. And you know what? I thank God for that. Hockey is unique

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