Paul Dennis Reid lives and eats his cake, too

Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 1:00am

Apparently, he liked the chocolate cake.

Just hours before Paul Dennis Reid was to be executed by lethal injection early Tuesday morning, the seven-time murderer finally decided to sign the papers that would allow his appeals to go forward.

At his last meal, Reid had prime rib, a baked potato and German chocolate cake. Apparently, he liked the cake.

Forgive a crowd that may have gone a bit blood thirsty considering it was waiting for retribution for seven grisly murders committed against very young victims. Forgive the fact that the relatives of those victims were waiting in a room to watch Reid die and at least put some measure of closure to a nightmare chapter of their lives.

Monday it was Paul Reid Day, and we wonder if he meant to wait until the last minute to sign those papers all along. Reid, once an aspiring country music singer, got all the attention he could have hoped for in the last few days.

Had he started on his appeals process earlier, he would not have had an interview with the Associated Press or an exclusive interview on Channel 5. He would not have had the front-page headlines.

But the wonderful thing about this country is that even at the very last minute, the justice system that Paul Dennis Reid so decries worked for him. Even though he had said over and over again that he did not want to live, he had the finest lawyers working on his behalf. Judges up and down the system put thoughtful time into considering the appeals that were filed on his behalf.


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