Publishing rape victims' info adds insult to injury

Monday, March 3, 2003 at 1:00am

The Central Park Jogger's memoir, due to be published in April, has journalists once again debating the media's practice of protecting rape victims' identities.

The immediate question is: Should the media continue to protect the privacy of the jogger, given that she is about to reveal her identity in the book? As a privacy issue, the question seems moot, as Allan Wolper argues in Editor and Publisher, an industry magazine.

Wolper makes the reasonable case that book publishers are manipulating the media by keeping the jogger's name mum prior to the book's debut in order to enhance sales. The story of the jogger's brutal rape, in which she lost two-thirds of her blood and was left for dead, "was about a vicious sexual assault," writes Wolper. "This one

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