Racial peers important in criminal justice system

Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 1:00am

Without a doubt, being a juror can be tough on a person. Such is the case for Francine Stewart, one of the jurors who convicted Lamont Motes, 21, for his role in the vigilante beating deaths of two Chicago men last summer.

On Tuesday, Motes was sentenced to four years in prison for participating in the mob beating of Jack Moore and Anthony Stuckey after they crashed their van into a stoop on July 30, 2002, killing a bystander.

Although our legal system requires jurors to weigh the evidence and only convict in the absence of reasonable doubt, Stewart candidly admits she remains convinced Motes is innocent. Yet, fearing that a hung jury would mean Motes could be retried and possibly face a life sentence on murder charges

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