Abuzz about 'Nashville'

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 1:05am
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Well, last week's premiere could have been much worse.

For everyone dreading how Nashville would look in Nashville, it was a little easier to breathe after seeing those glamour shots of the city and Rayna James (Connie Britton) walking across the river on the Shelby Street Bridge. Yes, they used the state capitol for a mayoral launch, but we’re nit-picking at this point.

Enough people elsewhere seemed to watch it as well, as it scored a 6.8 overnight rating, putting it on equal footing in its timeslot with CSI.

We were also fascinated by the Twitter activity surrounding the show, including some of the live-tweeting during the premiere by stars Hayden Panettiere and Clare Bowen.



The Blue Bird Cafe is one of my favorite spots in Nashville! How amazing is @clarembee (Clare Bowen) voice?!



Anyone else got serious Connie Britton’s Hair envy?



@clarembee is my new spirit animal. she’s freakin presh



I’d watch Connie Britton read the phone book, to be honest.



#nashvilleabc not bad. And I don’t even like country



Nashville is a good title, but I’m gonna call it Glee-Haw.



Hey! I didn’t know Country Strong was on!



“Bless your little heart, that is a charming story” is going to be my new diss.



They’ll deny it, but Faith Hill & Taylor Swift are SUPER stoked there’s a TV show about them.


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Hey! Where are all those nice pix from the print version (p. 47)?