Backpage: The cats in the hats on the Hill

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 10:05pm
031113 Seuss Backpage topper.jpg

(Andrea Zelinski/SouthComm)


There’s a place in Tennessee, in the capital town

Where bills become laws, and gavels slam down

It’s wonderful, really, if you’ll just come around

There are even committees that meet underground!


It’s called the legislature, and there’s plenty to see

People everywhere, and Fox News on TV!

Lobbyists, activists, flacks, and hacks

There are lots of Republicans, and a few Democrats


And if you come by, on just the right day

They won’t be debating God, guns and gays

Yes, just for you, they’ll set aside that

And read you a book, in a big goofy hat


But then you must leave, skedaddle, skedoodle!

Too much time in there is not good for your noodle!

It’s fun for a day, but it’ll leave you a mess

Don’t believe me? Look at us in the Press!


— By Steven Hale, with sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss and the House education committee, who read to visiting kids last week. Photo by Andrea Zelinski.