Check out Jack White's new collaboration for free

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 2:37pm

The Dead Weather

No one knows if rocker Jack White sold his soul to the devil to become a legendary rock star, but it is certain that he is persistent in pouring all of his energy into new and ever changing musical endeavors.

Because of his success as a member of the influential bands The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, White has been able to collaborate with many notable artists like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Loretta Lynn.

Now White will set down his guitar to take command of the drum kit and split lead vocals with Alison Mosshart (The Kills) while Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) plays guitar and Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) plays bass for the inventive new rock band The Dead Weather.

When a doctor told White to take it easy on the vocals for The Raconteurs’ U.S. tour, he invited Mosshart (who, with The Kills, was opening for The Raconteurs) to come on stage to belt out a few songs with him.

What happened next in front of the crowds was musical magic, and the pair decided to team up with Lawrence and Fertita to record some music in Nashville at White’s Third Man Studios during some down time.

What was originally imagined as a one-off collaboration for a 7” single release turned into a full-length album once the quartet switched on the recording tape.

Horehound, the band’s highly anticipated debut album, will be released on July 14th. It was the first record to ever be recorded at White’s Nashville-based studio, and has already received loads of positive buzz in the music scene.

“I feel it, you feel it — we’re all struggling with the trouble that this industry is in right now,” White said. “And it’s not about sales; it’s about beauty and romance and a relationship to art that’s turning invisible, and it’s affecting people’s perception of music. It’s affecting whether they think of it as a viable art, because it’s so disposable. It’s not about being modern or retro or a Luddite or being hopeful or pessimistic about the future; it’s about clinging on to what makes sense of our lives, and what gives our lives value, and what gives us a commonality and a feeling of belonging.”

The band’s debut album Horehound, is available to listen to in full and for free, exclusively on iLike (the music service of iGoogle and Facebook) at