Cute-as-a-bug towels

Monday, July 30, 2001 at 1:00am

Finally wrangle that weekend invitation to a friend's beach house? The staff at my magazine has the perfect gift to present to your host: customized hand towels.

Designed by Deborah Reeg, these photo-transfer hand towels are simply adorable. We chose bugs and butterflies, but you could customize them with any summery motif you like, from sailboats to starfish to beach balls. For the images, you can use copyright-free drawings (Dover clip-art books are a great source). We used lettering on one of our towels to spell out the Latin name for the swallowtail butterfly. Copyright-free lettering books are also available.

You'll also need pre-washed white or light-colored cotton or cotton/poly hand towels and transfer paper. Most copy stores have their own transfer paper and will copy the images as mirror images onto it for you. Get multiple copies. (They will also, incidentally, press the images for you onto fabric if you want to forego the following steps. It's about a 24-hour turnaround time.)

Yet another option is to scan the images as mirror, or reverse, images into your computer and use your printer

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