Divine Mr. M

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 1:00am

A chance meeting with no less a vocal talent than The Divine Miss M herself, Bette Midler, proved to be a catalyst of sorts for singer-songwriter David Mead's new album.

Mine and Yours (RCA), which was released to record stores nationwide today, features a leaner sound than Mead's debut effort, The Luxury of Time. His vocals are featured more prominently on the new record, a decision that was in part inspired by a conversation he had with Midler backstage at The Belcourt Theater.

One of Mead's songs was selected for the soundtrack of the film Restaurant by music supervisor Bill Coleman, a friend and A&R consultant of Midler's. She was planning her next record and looking for songs at the time. Coleman played The Luxury of Time for her and she considered recording several of the songs, but none made the final cut. Not long thereafter, she was in Nashville and caught part of Mead's show at The Belcourt.

"She was hanging out with some mutual friends actually, so we worked it out to where she came over to the show," Mead recalled while relaxing and drinking cappuccino recently at Fido. "She just caught the last four or five songs, and a lot of it was just me

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