Falling back into forward thinking

Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 1:00am

What is it about this time of the year? School is back in session, football season is in full swing, and the fall routine has started. The excitement of summer and family vacations is over, and your garden looks like it has had its struggles. The hot and humid weather took its toll on both you and your garden. Is there anything to pique your gardening interest over the next month?

Well, yes! The cool Tennessee nights will be back soon. This will invigorate both you and your garden. It is surprising what a few cool nights will do. Begin thinking about the projects you want to accomplish this fall. Although the list may appear endless, decide what is the most important and make a commitment to get it done.

Many of us take for granted the beauty of our town and our state. We forget about the morning fogs that wrap around the hills, or the first cool snap that reminds us that the end of the summer season is approaching, or even the hot, humid summers that we love to hate. Middle Tennesseans are fortunate gardeners. We are blessed with diverse landscapes and natural beauty that other areas of the country envy, and also with a passion for plants marveled by others.

Take an inventory of the wonders of your garden and the gardens around you. Make plans to enjoy your garden, your neighbor

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