Since Jones hated funerals, tribute concert is planned

Friday, October 23, 2009 at 1:53am

Johnny Jones, who died Oct. 14 had a great impact on Nashville's blues and R&B history. But Jones' friends also recall that he had a great aversion to funerals.

So to honor him the way he would have wanted to be remembered, there will be a Johnny Jones tribute concert on Monday, Nov. 2, at The Place on Second Avenue. And whoever is playing better be on their game, since Jones was known for being meticulous and demanding of other musicians.

A majestic and exciting player, Jones had high standards and enjoyed competing with his peers. But while he always emphasized excellence and could be quite demanding on the bandstand, he was beloved and highly respected by his fellow musicians.

"I remember we did a show where we played some of those songs," he says, "and Johnny was very detailed and specific about how he wanted those tunes played."

The tribute concert is set for 6 p.m. Details were still being sorted out, but check this Web site for updates.

“He was the premier blues guitarist in Nashville for more than 50 years,” said Michael Gray, an editor at the Country Music Hall of Fame. “To many people he was legendary only because they remember he mentored Jimi Hendrix. But that was only one of the things he did—and that's not necessarily even the most important.”

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