Lovenoise celebrates its first anniversary with special galas

Friday, September 3, 2004 at 1:00am

Smart business owners thrive by identifying unnoticed or untapped markets and audiences, then finding ways to serve them. Eric D. Holt, LaSalle Chapman, Bryce Page, Moe Nunn and Chip Hockett had determined from their previous enterprises working with local bands and performers that there was a large Nashville audience for urban music and culture that wasn't consistently being reached. They created a new concept named "Lovenoise" that combined live performance elements with marketing in an innovative fashion. As a result, Lovenoise has become the biggest weekly urban-themed gathering in town, and has made the Bar Car in Cummins Station a prime locale every Sunday night beginning at 8 p.m.
Getting there
Lovenoise celebrates its first anniversary this weekend with special events tonight at the Averitte Amplifier on the Tennessee State University campus at 7 p.m, and the one-year anniversary part Sunday night at the Bar Car, 209 Tenth Ave. S., at 8 p.m., 668-4529

Lovenoise celebrates its first anniversary this weekend with a pair of special events. "Lovenoise featuring DJ Sound Blade" begins tonight at 7 p.m. at the Averitte Ampitheater outside on the Tennessee State University campus, while a special one-year anniversary celebration occurs Sunday night at the Bar Car, hosted by Zion.

"We look at this weekend as not only Lovenoise celebrating its one-year anniversary, but also helping contribute to making the John Merritt Classic more successful," Chapman said. He added that he and his partners designed Lovenoise to be far more inclusive and diverse than simply another weekly party or concert.

"We came up with a name that could embody the whole spectrum of the black experience," Chapman said. "But at the same time we welcome any and everyone. The event is aimed at a mature urban crowd, and depending on the events, sometime we get predominantly city dwellers, other time we might get a younger crowd. But anyone who is open-minded, looking for good entertainment and wants to see and hear outstanding performers is welcome at Lovenoise."

The weekly events, which began at B.B. King's Blues Club before moving to the Bar Car, include open mic poetry and spoken word performances, live bands, disc jockeys playing contemporary and classic music, sometimes a mix of all three and more.

"The open mic and the live bands are designed to give local artists a forum and a chance to be heard," Page said. "Our preference has been to give Nashville artists first chance because there aren't a lot of places now that are booking urban performers."

But Chapman, Page and company have expanded beyond just presenting acts. They've now opened The Lovenoise store featuring Akanke's Closet in a space right around the corner from Bar Car, which is open during the Lovenoise events. The store carries music CDs from artists that have appeared on stage at least once, plus T-shirts designed by local artist Diablo, and other art from local artists. They also stock hard-to-find urban gear featuring black cultural figures and events. There are even plans to add an online component shortly.

"We've been approached by people in other cities to bring the Lovenoise concept to their markets," Chapman added. "I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this tried other places in the near future, but right now we're concentrating on Nashville and continuing to develop Lovenoise locally."

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