MTV no longer stands for ‘Music Television’

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 3:12am

In what is a surprise to no one, MTV no longer stands for “Music Television.”

The groundbreaking network that once brought us “Dire Straits” and now is beached on “Jersey Shore” announced that they are dropping the words “Music Television” from their logo.

"The people who watch it today, they don't refer to MTV as music television,” company spokesperson and head of marketing Tina Exarhos told the LA Times. They don't have the same emotional connection that, say, the people who are writing about [the logo change] do."

Other networks have gone much further.

Once the pride of Music City, The Nashville Network was moved to New York and became The National Network. In 2003, it was rebranded the New TNN and later became Spike TV. It’s now known simply as Spike.

MTV is owned by Viacom Inc., the same company that owns Nashville-based CMT and CMT Pure Country.