A reverence for life in times of chaos

Monday, September 17, 2001 at 1:00am

Starting Weight 248

Weekly Weigh In 236

Life is precious. Being able to stand tall, stretch out your arms to the sky, breath deep clean air, look around and take in all the beauty in the world is an unbelievable gift.

Who doesn't love being able to take in the aroma of brilliant spices in a pot of stew that's been simmering for hours on end? Forget the scent, what about chowing down with a fresh hunk of sourdough and a glass of red wine? Life is about wondrous experiences that bring joy and satisfaction in whatever way you can find it.

For me, that has come from working out and eating right lately. I've been losing weight and finding great joy in that as well. My sense of self-worth has grown as my self-loathing has diminished exponentially.

I've been able to enjoy the cool weather from the hammock in my backyard. My wife has baked double batches of chocolate-chip cookies lately for those in our offices to enjoy, which makes the day go by a little more smoothly in a stress-filled newspaper environment. Things really seemed to be going pretty well for everyone I know of late.

But then last Tuesday, with the rise of the sun came the fall of most of the joy in our world. For tens of thousands, the light of their lives was snuffed out like a match by the winds of terrorist attacks. Who knows what may come of all the destruction we

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