Real Estate transactions

Friday, October 27, 2006 at 1:00am

575 Brick Church Park Drive, Nashville, 37207, First Industrial Investment Inc./First Industrial Development Services Inc. to Music City Building Venture LLC, $5,050,000

1640 J.P. Hennessey Drive, LaVergne, 37086, JPH Partners/Randall M. Goldstein to JP Investments LLC, $2,126,000

1504 18th Ave. S., Nashville, 37212, Jake Winston Sheridan Jr./Hua Z. Sheridan/Mark H. Westlake Conservator/Jake W. Sheridan Jr. to Parthenon Partners LLC, $1,660,000

823 Third Ave. N., Nashville, 37201, Chi Development Inc. to Third & Harrison LLC, $1,600,000

137 Woodward Hills Place, Brentwood, 37027, Jason M. Sheer/Elizabeth B. Sheer to Melton G. Grant/Nysola Grant/Chantele Simone Grant, $1,550,000

1100 Belle Meade Boulevard, Nashville, 37205, Mark J. Menhinnitt/Kristen M. Menhinnitt to Gloria Napier Grant Living Trust, $1,400,000

3801 Harding Place, Nashville, 37205, Jim Barker/Brenda M. Barker to Shaun Silva/Shannon Brown Silva, $1,030,000

7613 Highway 70 S., Nashville, 37221, Pizza Hut of America Inc. to Realty Income Corp., $986,486

524 Bell Road, Antioch, 37013, Fulton and Associates/Richard Fulton/Richard H. Fulton to Shoneys LLC, $910,000

280 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, 37209, Stephen K. Rush/Phillip V. Rush to Asghar Mahdavi Trustee/Nancy Mahdavi Truatee/Mahdavi Family Trust, $868,000

107 West End Close, Nashville, 37205, Bacon Group Inc. to Marshal Parker, $860,000

3620 Valley Vista Road, Nashville, 37205, Constance A. Sinclair to Alfred Rawls Butler/Daphne M. Butler, $855,000

3939 Woodland Drive, Nashville, 37215, Pamela Bell Lannom to Bobby Towns/Lynette W. Towns, $750,000

6594 and 6596 Highway 100, Nashville, 37205, Charles G. Myers/Rosanne H. Myers to Front Door Holdings LLC, $710,000

3909 Clarksville Highway, Nashville, 37218, Zaidoun Nofal to Tariq M. Aboona/Janet O. Aboona/Shirin S. Pulous, $670,000

3206 Long Boulevard, Nashville, 37203, Holly D. Shepherd/L. T. Hayes Jr./Holly D. Trull to Graymont Group LLC, $650,000

127 West Brookfield Ave., Nashville, 37205, Shawn T. Wilson/Kerry K. Wilson to Justin P. Reese/Colleen Modling Reese, $630,000

1416 Tyne Blvd., Nashville, 37215, Kenneth H. Sachs/Maryna Sachs to Charles G. Porter/Ellen M. Porter, $630,000

147 Prospect Hill, Nashville, 37205, Patricia Belton Zimmerman Estate/Leon H. Zimmerman III/Patricia Lynn Zimmerman/Paricia B. Zimmerman Estate to Francis W. Gluck/Judith A. Gluck, $625,000

3302-A Hobbs Place, Unit 3302-B, Nashville, 37215, Haura and Smith Contractors Inc. to Joyce M. Rice, $579,900

4000 West End Ave. Condominium 105, Nashville, 37205, Philip E. Mesenbrink/D. Ann M. Voss to Eric Schake, $530,000

1215 Saxon Drive, Nashville, 37215, Kenneth M. Shumard Jr./Connie E. Shumard to Mission Enterprises Inc., $462,500

4317 Wallace Lane, Nashville, 37215, Richard W. Rodgers/Mary F. Rodgers to Jonathan David Lucas/Anne Spence Lucas, $460,000

3116 Dickerson Road, Nashville, 37207, Pizza Hut of America Inc./Pizza Hut of Knoxville Corp to Realty Income Corp. to Realty Income Corp, $411,434

3601 Wilbur Place, Nashville, 37204, Marc Mickiewicz/Marcy A. Yackish Mickiewicz to Jenny Lee Hayes, $410,000

415 Church Street, Unit 2201, Nashville, 37219, Viridian Development Co. LLC/Tina Sumner Grigg Agent to Horizons USA, $406,450

305 Pinnacle Place, Nashville, 37221, French River Development Co. LLC to Judy B. Huckaby/Thomas L. Huckaby, $387,400

4311 Sneed Road, Nashville, 37215, R & B Development to Charles Rogan Allen, $385,700

4102 Sneed Road, Nashville, 37215, Verna S. Sanford/Jane Sanford Means to Charles Rogan Allen, $385,000

3114 West End Ave., Nashville, 37203, Robert D. Bell to Charles S. McClendon, $375,000

826 Redwood Drive, Nashville, 37220, 826 Redwood Drive Trust/L&O Farms LLC Trustee to Mary P. Silveira, $372,500

2600 Hillsboro Pike #104, Nashville, 37212, Nashville Enclave LP/Nashville Enclave Apartments LP/Bomsada Nashville LLC to Herbert Ligon/Patricia Ligon, $371,480

2600 Hillsboro Pike, #222, Nashville, 37212, Nashville Enclave LP/Nashville Enclave Apartments LP/Bomsada Nashville LLC to Christina C. Fiddler/Vernon L. Fiddler, $359,900

4303 Gray Oaks Drive, Nashville, 37204, John C. Wehby/Ann Wehby to Sarah E. Hargrove, $357,500

505 Harpeth Oaks Court, Nashville, 37221, Kevin M. Kraselsky/Amy E. Kraselsky to Robert P. Murphy/Rachael Murphy, $351,750

5628 Cloverland Park, Brentwood, 37027, Nagendra Ningaraj/Hemalatha S. Kenchanna to Tim Womack/Brita E. Womack, $347,900

2801 Natchez Trace, Nashville, 37212, Alexander C. Waddey to Evelyn H. Mellichamp, $338,000

5606 Cloverland Dr., Unit 102, Brentwood, 37201, Marquis Homes LLC to Glenn M. Mackowski, $336,660

401 Bowling Ave., Unit 50, Nashville, 37205, Thomas M. Phillips/Kathleen R. Phillips to Martin D. Willis/Karen D. Willis, $332,900

1012 Stone Ridge Drive, Nashville, 37221, Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Frederick D. Morton/Melissa W. Morton, $332,855

401 Bowling Ave. #90, Nashville, 37205, Terence A. Griffen/Suzanne E. Griffen to Dann M. Voss/Philip E. Mesenbrink, $325,000

39 Nickleby Downs, Nashville, 37211, Jacquelyn D. Velasquez/Diana Stancil to George W. Holder Jr., $324,900

Lots 87-92 & 242-247, Barnes Crossing, Antioch, 37013, Barnes Crossing LLC to Ole South Properties Inc., $324,000

805 Wickshire Drive, Brentwood, 37027, Michael G. Mason/Keri C. Mason to Sharraff M. Mallery/Sonja P. Mallery, $316,500

7237 Riverfront Drive, Nashville, 37221, Craig Co. to Patrick Frogge/Amy Frogge, $311,485

920 Loxley Drive, Nashville, 37013, Regent Homes LLC to Amy Alexandria Esther, $310,318

2127 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, 37212, James Talley/Janice Talley to Herndon Maddox Investments LLC, $310,000

6140 Brentwood Chase Drive, Brentwood, 37027, Ralph Miles/Stefanie Miles/Stefanie Rose Miles to Nancy M. Duncan, $305,000