Britt awaits word after 'good meeting' with NFL commissioner

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 11:22pm

Kenny Britt says he and Roger Goodell saw eye to eye.

It was Britt’s face that was of more interest to Goodell, the NFL commissioner and chief disciplinarian.

“He actually told me he did not want to see my face in ‘that’ office no more,” Britt said Wednesday afternoon. “So when I see him around, we should be good.”

More important at this time is when Britt will hear from Goodell about possible penalties related to three offseason arrests — two in New Jersey, one in Nashville — during the offseason when NFL players were locked out by owners.

Britt was one of two players who met with Goodell on Tuesday afternoon to discuss recent off-the-field issues, which have been an area of primary concern for the commissioner. NFL Players Association officials have maintained a public belief that players should not be subjected to supplemental discipline for anything that took place when players technically were unemployed.

“I always felt like I was a Tennessee Titan, regardless of where we were in the lockout,” Britt said. “My mind was always focused on this season and things like that. It happened in the past, it happened during the lockout but it really doesn’t matter because I’m still an NFL player.

“I understand where he’s coming from and we’ll just move forward.”

Britt added that he expected some sort of resolution in the next couple days.

“I was hoping as soon as I walked out the door, but that didn’t work out,” he said. “My mind right now is just to get back on the field and everything like that. It will just work out itself.”

Britt, the Titans’ leader in receiving yards each of the last two seasons, has missed numerous workouts and the first two preseason games because of lingering issues with a hamstring injury that caused him to miss four games last season. Wednesday, he practiced but worked as a member of the scout team offense.

The meeting took place a day earlier, when Titans players were off. It was scheduled for noon in New York City. Britt said he and his representatives arrived 30 minutes early and waited until they were called.

“Most people said he was going to be mean and firm and look him in his eye and don’t look away and stuff like that,” Britt said. “But he’s actually a nice guy. He sat there and listened to me, what happened — my story and stuff like that.

“It was a good vibe. A good meeting. … I’m just waiting to hear the verdict.”