Britt has more legal issues, this time in Tennessee

Monday, June 13, 2011 at 10:30pm
Staff reports

Kenny Britt’s legal troubles no longer are limited to New Jersey.

A lawyer for the Tennessee Titans wide receiver told The Associated Press on Monday that his client would be in Tennessee soon to deal with two outstanding warrants issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

"We take it seriously, and we want to get it addressed and resolved as quickly as possible," attorney Jonathan Farmer said in the report. "When he gets back to town, we plan on doing just that."

Britt is suspected of allegedly providing inaccurate information on two separate driver's license applications. The warrants were issued April 14.

"Upon his return to Tennessee, it is believed or hoped that he will come surrender himself on these and be served," Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said. "If he does not, upon his return to the state he is subject to arrest."

Britt already has been arrested twice in New Jersey over the last couple months, most recently last week when Hoboken officers charged him with two counts of resisting arrest. He was ordered to appear in court on June 16.

A day earlier, he pleaded guilty to careless driving and was fined $478 in connection to an arrest in April. Bayonne (N.J.) police originally charged him with one felony and two misdemeanors in that matter, but he agreed to the guilty plea on lesser charges.

Earlier this offseason, Britt was charged with theft-by-deception, a misdemeanor, after he was accused by two bail companies of not following through on paying the bail money for a friend who had been arrested.

Britt also previously was arrested for three outstanding traffic warrants in January 2010. He was then involved in a bar fight in Nashville in October. He wasn’t charged, but former Titans coach Jeff Fisher benched him for the first quarter of a game.

Britt, the Titans’ 2009 first-round draft pick, led the team with 775 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns on 42 receptions last season. He had 42 receptions for 701 yards and three touchdowns as a rookie.

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By: gdiafante on 6/14/11 at 6:33

If the lockout ever ends, law enforcement should wait for the team to start organized practices and just arrest the whole damn bunch. It'll save time and future manpower.

By: nikkinicole642 on 6/14/11 at 6:42

@gdiafante Yes, and that sounds as logical as them arresting you for posting such a dumb, idiotic comment. That would save us all the annoyance of accidentally scrolling down to read your fantasy opinion about arresting an entire football team.

Let me are at home in your Peter Pan outfit watching Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings.

By: TITAN1 on 6/14/11 at 7:47

nikkinicole642, that was priceless! I was hoping gdiafante had gone back to Carolina.

By: gdiafante on 6/14/11 at 11:48

It's called sarcasm, moron. Though I don't expect any of you two inbreds to understand.

By: TITAN1 on 6/14/11 at 12:21

Inbreds? Please go back to Carolina so Tennessee's average IQ will go up. You have been bringing it down long enough.