Cornerbacks Hood, Green, returner Jones visiting Titans

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 2:22pm

Veteran defensive backs Eric Green and Roderick Hood were among the players in for visits with the Tennessee Titans, according to league sources.

The Titans had entertained Green during the off-season when he was making the rounds in free agency after leaving the Arizona Cardinals. Green eventually signed with the Miami Dolphins. He was later released by Miami and was with the San Francisco 49ers for a short time before being let go by them before the season started.

Hood was another player the Titans had interest in in the off-season, but he wound up signing with Cleveland. Hood was released right after the Titans defeated the Browns in preseason, and signed with the Chicago Bears, but was let go by them as well.

Also, a league source confirmed Tuesday that Mark Jones will take a physical for the team. Jones was in camp this summer and was used as a kick returner during the preseason. Jones was released by the Titans at the end of preseason in a surprise move, but troubles in the return game have given him potentially another chance in Tennessee.

According to a source, the Titans also planned to host two safeties on Tuesday as well.

The Titans also brought back cornerback Cary Williams to the practice squad, his agent Marc Lillibridge confirmed. Williams was released last week to make room on the 53-man roster for punter Reggie Hodges.

The Titans are short-handed in the defensive backfield, thanks to injuries to Vincent Fuller, out four-to-six weeks with a broken forearm, and Cortland Finnegan, who suffered a hamstring injury in Sunday’s 24-17 loss to the New York Jets.


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By: TitansFan035 on 9/29/09 at 2:26

Why do they keep bringing these rejects back! Typical Titans Move who is next Haynesworth in about 3 yrs.

By: TITAN1 on 9/29/09 at 2:37

Man, apply for the GM or head coach position. You seem to know it all.

By: jwk6179 on 9/29/09 at 3:11

Why not bring back Pac-Man? He probably NEEDS the MONEY so he can visit Strip clubs again so he can make it rain. Also, TITAN1 needs his Man Crush back.

By: TITAN1 on 9/29/09 at 6:40

jw, I heard the cheese packers wanted your boy pacman. I'm sure that will make you happy since you still talk about him all the time. I'll bet you even dream about him. How long has he been gone now and you still think about him? Does your boyfriend know about this?

By: jwk6179 on 9/29/09 at 8:29

You are the one who defended PAC-MAN everytime he got in trouble in the local clubs. You were the one always sticking up for Pac-Man everytime he ran AFOUL the law. And unlike you, I NEVER CARED FOR PAC-MAN, in the first place and said the Titans would REGRET DRAFTING PAC-MAN. And unlike you, I AM A HETEROSEXUAL who is Married to a WOMAN and I don't get an erection at the mention of the Titans, Bud Adams or anyone associated with the Titans. And I was just joking about bringing Pac-Man back, ARSEHOLE!!!!

By: TITAN1 on 9/29/09 at 8:43

jw, please quit thinking about pac man and crawl out of the past and live in the present. You really should try it. I too, am very happily married to a beautiful woman and have two beautiful daughters and two beautiful grandchildren. You are the only one talking about getting an erection talking about something else. Get over it. Enjoy your team without being a joy sucker when it comes to the hometown team.