Fiasco in Foxborough: Patriots embarrass Titans in record-setting 59-0 loss

Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 10:21pm

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — In the Tennessee Titans locker room, Keith Bulluck and Michael Griffin stood, glancing at the stat sheet and shaking their heads.

What else could they do after being on the receiving end of worst beating in modern NFL history Sunday, 59-0 courtesy of the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium?

The Patriots held a 45-point lead at the half, the largest lead at intermission since at least ever, and then continued to pound the hapless Titans into the snow with the final margin equaling the worst shutout loss since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger – a similar 59-0 victory by the Los Angeles Rams over Atlanta in 1976. It shattered the franchise mark for worst loss, erasing a 61-7 beating in 1989 at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

“It felt like they were trying to raise their ranking in the BCS,” Bulluck said of the drubbing. “At the end of the day, we’re competitors, and we’re competing, but 59-0 doesn’t seem like much of a competition.

“Football is an attitude, but it’s fair to say right now that this team doesn’t have the attitude it takes to win in this league. It’s fair to say, because it’s obvious. We lost 59-0 – 59-0 in a National Football League game. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before in my life.”

It left the Titans still winless at 0-6 and now apparently hopeless after their third straight loss by at least 20 points.

“It sucks, man. You don’t want to be that person,” said running back LenDale White, whose fumble was one of five Titans turnovers. “You don’t want to be that team that looks like this out there on Sunday. You don’t want to be the team that’s getting embarrassed.”

And it could have been worse. The Patriots, who scored on nine consecutive possession, missed a field goal on their first drive, lost what might have been a safety on a generous officials’ marking late in the game, and sat record-setting quarterback Tom Brady and Randy Moss on the bench for most of the second half. New England did not score at all in the fourth quarter. In that 1976 game, the Rams scored 21 in the final quarter for their 59-point margin.

It was so bad that the previously unthinkable - Jeff Fisher and the coaching staff’s job security - might now be called into question.

“I’m gonna keep fighting. I’m gonna keep working,” Fisher said of any thoughts that after 15 seasons he could be in danger at 0-6 with a bye coming up. “The staff didn’t forget how to coach in the off-season. That doesn’t happen. You don’t forget how to coach overnight. What we have to do is find a way to win a ballgame.”

Asked if he was worried that owner Bud Adams might make a change, Fisher replied, “Again, I’m gonna keep fighting, as is the staff and as the players are. We’re just gonna keep working.”

Safety Chris Hope said he hoped nothing such as coaching moves would take place.

“That’s something out of my control,” Hope said. “You just would hate to be part of the reason someone gets fired or something happens with coaching staff changes. But that’s out of your control.

“I have total faith in the coaching staff. They’re the same coaches from last year. Coaches can only do so much. We have to go out and execute.”

Injuries to Cortland Finnegan, Nick Harper and Vincent Fuller forced the Titans to play Ryan Mouton, Jason McCourty and Cary Williams in the secondary, and not unexpectedly, Brady carved them up.

Brady completed 19 of his first 20 throws and had an NFL record five of his six TD throws in the second quarter as New England offense moved faster and with more fury than the falling snow that blanketed the field. In the first half, Brady was 24 of 28 for 345 yards to along with the five touchdown passes.

Brady finished his day in the third quarter, hitting 29 of 34 passes for 380 yards with six TDs. When it was over, New England had put up 619 yards total offense in the debacle, and set or tied franchise record and two NFL marks in the process.

The performance sent the Titans to new lows in a number of areas, not only in the game but in the 2009 season. The start to the ’09 season already represents the fourth-worst in franchise history, alongside an 0-7 beginning in 1973 and a pair of 0-10s to start both 1983 and 1984.

It adds up to a shell-shocked Titans team that is in uncharted territory at least during the Fisher regime.

“I’m very disappointed obviously and embarrassed to say the least,” Fisher said.

If you’re looking for highlights, there was one. Chris Johnson had probably the most meaningless 100-yard rushing day in NFL annals, hitting the century mark after the Titans were down 52-0 in the third quarter, on a 48-yard rush that put Tennessee at the New England 17.

But, a fourth-down play ruled a pass by Collins to Nate Washington on lost 22 yards and left Collins 2 of 12 for minus-7 total yards for game. In short, the folly of that play summed up the Titans’ ineptitude for the game and perhaps the season.

“We were a very confident football team last year,” Hope said. “It’s kind of hard to find confidence when you’re 0-5 or 0-6 and you can’t stop anyone or can’t get anything going on offense. It’s kind of hard to be a confident team.”


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By: wolfy on 10/18/09 at 8:33

Jeff, this team has quit on you. The first three games were lost by a total of 13 points. The last three by over a 100 points. That is flat out lack of effort. It might change in two weeks but as of this week,you've lost the team. A shake up during the off week should be an understatement.

By: brrrrk on 10/18/09 at 9:09

The sad part about this loss is that Collins will likely be made the scapegoat (at least by the public) in this pigskin debacle in much of the same way that Al Del Greco was blamed for the Titans Superbowl loss. The fact is that the Titans have the second highest "on-target" dropped ball stats in the NFL. The fault is not Collins, it's the offensive line. But having said that, I do believe that it is time to throw Young in the mix; not because I have no confidence in Collins, but because it's time for the Titans to see what Young is really made of. After all, there's no way that the Titans can recover from this disaster of a start, so why not test Young's metal with Collins as his mentor. If Young is truly the future of the franchise, what better time to show it? And if he fails, then the Titans know to go somewhere else. The truly unfortunate thing is that this may be Collins last season; it would be sad to see a QB of such a caliber finish out his last season with a team that just can't get it done. But, such is football.

By: frank brown on 10/19/09 at 1:11

I will agree with Fisher on a couple of things. (1) Kerry Collins is not the center of the problem. He is just a journeyman quarterback. He is not even supposed to be the starter. Vince Young was drafted to be the man at this time for the Titans. Unfortunately Vince has some NFL disabilities that preclude this. You can be assured that if Vince Young would be playing if he had the moxie and the skills to do so. I am sure Jeff Fisher wishes that Vince Young had worked out. (2) Bud Adams likes Fisher because he plays 8 and 8 football which is good enough to fill the stadium in Nashville. He does with the budget that Bud Adams gives him without complaining or bickering. Jeff Fisher is also very articulate with the press. A plus for an owner like Bud Adams. This year the low budget backfired on Fisher and there is nothing he can do. A journeyman quarterback, a hapless set of receivers and a mediocre secondary with an inordinate amount of injuries along with the loss of Haynesworth at his best have taken their toll. Now all the team wants is their checks every week and for this season to be over. The old leaders know they will not be back next year and there are lot of has beens out there.

By: frank brown on 10/19/09 at 1:17

Titan1, What does the Titans most loyal fan have to say about the debacle in Foxboro?
I was at a cocktail and dinner party last evening in a city 500 miles from Nashville and the entire talk was about the Titans and their ineptness. The Titans have embarrassed the city of Nashville,themselves and all of their loyal fans like yourself.

By: steelerfanquip on 10/19/09 at 5:51

Fred Prat

By: steelerfanquip on 10/19/09 at 5:52

Fred Prat

By: steelerfanquip on 10/19/09 at 5:56

Fred Prat
If you think back to the 2008 and 2009 season when we thought we we're good and we stomped on the Pittsburgh Steeler TERRIBLE TOWEL. WE HAVE'NT WON A GAME SINCE. That was like stomping on the American Flag ... you just dont do it. We and our players should have used better judgement.

By: junglejim on 10/19/09 at 6:38

In my opinion the only guy that's trying to win any games is collins. he's delivering the ball but the fumble finger recievers keep dropping the ball. I agree with barrrrk, it's time to see what vince young is made of. let my man collins rest. Let's see what these wussies are made of....what have we to lose. I believe once these babies sign the big contracts the don't want to put out and be hit when they have the ball. Better yet ,lets run them all (except collins) out of nashville on a rail. Bud adams needs to get the smoke out of his eyes and clean this joke of a team up. I think a high school team could beat the little titans right now.

By: titansfb on 10/19/09 at 7:12

I too am a loyal Titans fan. Love the team and win or lose as much as it hurts or embarasses - I will watch the next game and wear the Titan's clothing.
I for one do not want to see Jeff Fisher go - I agree with what he said - the coaches didnt forget how to coach overnight. I agree with the above statement that this team has quit on Fisher and I cant help but feel that some of the players lack of playing this past Sunday was a rebellious act against Fisher for benching Kearse. Just a thought. I also dont think this new defense coach is worth a darn. I dont feel that Collins is completely to blame and I am so tired after every stinking game Fisher is asked - is it time for a quarterback change? VY has had some playing time the past two weeks and the receivers aint catching his balls either. Its not completely QB fault.
I also think that these anniversary oiler uniforms we are wearing this year is giving us bad luck! lol
Come on Titans - and fans - hang in there - theres bound to be brighter day!

By: willtw on 10/19/09 at 7:37

I, like a lot of fans were disappointed of this whole fiasco. If you look back at the experienced players that went free agent and went to another team? Mason, for one! These "cast offs" were an extraordinary part of the Titans. Haynesworth not be missed???? Horse squeezings! He was the power in that line! Go to New England without snow tires? Equipment error!!! Lots of newbies and not enough solid vets? Recruiting of veteran free agents! Big bucks on the bench but inclined to run in the rookies? These are management issues, owner issues and coaching issues! Individual player effort in the past has been the salvation of this team...I agree with Titan above, maybe a different head coach. When a team looks better off the field than on the field, the reassessment should have come before pre-season! But I like that big blond cheerleader! She's a winner!

By: jwk6179 on 10/19/09 at 8:08

Reports out of Cleveland have stated that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans have both called the Browns to ask about the Availability of Brady Quinn before tomorrows trade deadline. If this is so, I wonder what the Titans are offering for Brady Quinn, next year's First round draft choice? Besides Chris Johnson and maybe Kenny Britt, there's not a player on this Titans team I would trade for if I were the GM of another NFL team!!!

By: jwk6179 on 10/19/09 at 8:13

Circle December 13, 2009 on your calendar, folks. The way things are going this season, the game against the ALSO WINLESS RAMS maybe the only game the Titans have of winning a game this season. It would apropos if that game ended in a 0-0 tie.

By: wmcdowell on 10/19/09 at 8:18

I saw Mr. Lendale White on the ESPN program Jim Rome Is Burning and he said "Ohio State Sucks" well Mr. White after the New England Massacre I am looking forward to your last installment on Mr. Rome's program and Please don't forget this time to say"I(meaning yourself) along with yesterdays disaster suck"!

By: littleruffruff on 10/19/09 at 8:20

As a Titans fan and a PSL holder I feel I have the right to make comments about this team. There are many problems with this team but I feel it goes to the top. Mr Bud Adams. I think Mr. Adams is content to live with a so so team. Not a great team but one that wins several games a season. Oh yes we may make to the playoff''s and luck into something like we did in 1999. But Mr Adams does not want to spend the money it takes to get you a solid, quality team. I also feel he has put Coach Jeff Fisher into a corner and he does the best he can with what he has to work with. I do not feel it is entirely his fault but to some extent it is for sitting back and as they say settleling. This team was not built for the long haul. I feel mostly the team tries to accomplish what was set out. Although this year this team has given up. No other way to say it but they just have given up. They won't say it but it is in there faces. They just want to get out there play the game make it look good for awhile and just go home. The problems with this team have not been address from year to year. Example. Wide Receiver position. They brought in Nate Washington. I have no problem with Mr. Washington he is a fine man and this comment is not a reflection on him. Remember he was Pittsburgh third receiver not a number one. Then we rely on a rookie Kenny Brit to be a number one receiver. Come on who are we trying to fool. This is the NFL boys and girls where you put or shut up. So back to the problem Mr. Adams. Don't spend any real money on players so I can keep my money in my pocket. This is exactly what he did in Houston. Then he blamed it on the city and the arena. That's not fair to the PSL holders who sweat and bleed to find the money to pay for season tickets. We are not rich and it puts a strain on us. Then we just have to take what Mr. Adams throws up and shut up. Mr. Adams sale the team or quit being a spend thrift and give us a real quality team. If not you will head down the same road as you did in Houston when the fan quit showing up. Mr. Reinfeldt and Mr. Steve Underwood talk to him or get his children to do it he before it's to late.

By: jwk6179 on 10/19/09 at 8:31

So back to the problem Mr. Adams. Don't spend any real money on players so I can keep my money in my pocket. This is exactly what he did in Houston. Then he blamed it on the city and the arena. That's not fair to the PSL holders who sweat and bleed to find the money to pay for season tickets. We are not rich and it puts a strain on us. Then we just have to take what Mr. Adams throws up and shut up. Mr. Adams sale the team or quit being a spend thrift and give us a real quality team. If not you will head down the same road as you did in Houston when the fan quit showing up. Mr. Reinfeldt and Mr. Steve Underwood talk to him or get his children to do it he before it's to late.

littleruffruff, I've saying the same thing since the Titans moved here, but NONE of the Titan fans refused to believe me. Bud Adams had no desire to move the Oiler to Nashville, he was just using Nashville to get a new stadium for himself in Houston. The city of Houston and their citizens called Bud's Bluff and he had no alternative than to move to Nashville.

John McLain of the Houston Chronicle was on the Zone the past two weeks stating that Bud Adams would OPEN HIS BANK VAULT and SPEND AS MUCH AS IT TOOK to bring a Super Bowl Championship to Nashville if there is an UNCAPPED YEAR in 2011. He's not spending the money now with a salary cap in place, what makes you think he will all of a sudden spend money on an uncapped year.

By: Alphadog7 on 10/19/09 at 8:38

It's almost not fair to Kerry Collins to ask him to keep doing this week after week. He is not complaining either. He deserves better after a stellar performance last season, and throwing mostly strikes week after week.

Seeing Vince Young come in is a disaster though. He makes the occasional great play, but he is still highly erratic and prone to mistakes. He needs a fresh start somewhere else.

Ramsey on the other hand is showing promise. If its time to think of the future and get some rookies some experience, let's throw Ramsey in there.

Maybe we can draft Tebow!

By: jwk6179 on 10/19/09 at 8:49

I thought Patrick Ramsey was cut a few weeks ago, right before the Jacksonville game. Did the Titans re-sign him?

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 8:50

frank, here are my comments I made in another story on this website.

Being a die hard Titans fan, that was hard to watch. I'm not an owner, GM, or coach, but it looked obvious that the team just was not into the game early on. I won't use the word "quit" because I am not in their shoes. I back players and coaches for longer than most fans do, but I think it is time for a new head coach, now or at the end of the season. As someone said here last week, Fisher has been great for this team but it looks like the relationship has gone beyond repair. Coach Fisher has not forgotten how to coach and I'm sure he would be very successful with another team and they will be lined up to hire him. On the field the secondary is horrible and your offense can't play from behind all the time. Quarterback? Lets start VY the rest of the season and take it from there. My hunch is we will have our pick from a solid quarterback class. JMO from a die hard Titans fan.

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 8:51

Ramsey is no longer with the Titans.

By: Alphadog7 on 10/19/09 at 8:52

Well that will be a problem then... Do we have a #3?

By: Alphadog7 on 10/19/09 at 8:54

Start VY for the rest of the season? I know its hard to imagine things being worse, but they could be. Collins give us the best chance to win no doubt. I do think they should give VY lots of reps though if the game isn't close.

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 9:20

Once again, I'm not saying start VY to salvage this season. Start him the rest of the season to evaluate his progress. You can't evaluate very well in a mop up situation. If he is not our future, we know we need to draft a QB with our first pick then use the next three on the defense. A lot of very good quarterbacks in the draft next year.

By: titansfb on 10/19/09 at 9:20

Nope no #3QB.....

By: wayneCaluger on 10/19/09 at 9:39

As coach Paul "Bear" Bryant said; A good offense will win you some games, but a good defense will win you a championship. However, he failed to mention what to expect when you have neither as well as no special teams. I think yesterdays game shows what Coach Bryant failed to mention.

The problem starts with Bud Adams and he is the reason Houston ran the Oiler's out of town. Didn't take Houston long to build the stadium they refused to build for Bud.

Like someone said in their post, Bud is all about excitement not a winning football team so a 8 and 8 season is fine with him as long as he gets the excitement like VY picking up a bad snap and running it back into his own end zone and then fumbling it. Second time this year he has done that, once in pre-season.

Until they put Bud away and someone takes over with some sense the Oiler-Titan saga will continue no matter if the Titans start Mr. Excitement or not. Even if Bud opens up his purse string his meddling will continue to hold the Titans to a break even season at the best.

By: MrT on 10/19/09 at 10:26

You can't win games if you don't score, nor can you win if you don't stop the other team from scoring! Holy cow...get someone who can catch the darn ball and who can run it without dropping it. We don't need loud mouth running backs that don't know how to tuck the freaking ball. And asking rookies to cover the likes of Moss and Welker is completely ridiculous. Get some decent receivers, clean house from the top down on defense and let's try to salvage what's left of this season! This present team would have had a hard time against some of the better local high school teams. Get it together guys!!!

By: steelerfanquip on 10/19/09 at 11:12

Fred Prat

Shoulda never stomped on that TERRIBLE TOWEL last year. Your team has'nt won a game SINCE. LOLOLOLOLOLOLO hahahahahahahahahaha. 0-16? this year??

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 11:29

steelerfanquip, in your post above you claim to be a steeler fan, but in earlier posts above in this same story you portray yourself to be a Titans fan, which is it? When trolling or using different screen names you might want to keep up with what you have already said.

By: TitansFan035 on 10/19/09 at 12:27

Once again, I'm not saying start VY to salvage this season. Start him the rest of the season to evaluate his progress. You can't evaluate very well in a mop up situation. If he is not our future, we know we need to draft a QB with our first pick then use the next three on the defense. A lot of very good quarterbacks in the draft next year.

What progress? You should say his interceptions !

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 1:25

035, you do know that mop up and starting are completely different, right? If the coaches know he is not the future, then it does not matter who starts, but if they still think VY might be the future then he needs to start the rest of the year. Then evaluate at the end of the season.

By: gdiafante on 10/19/09 at 2:35


Lions? Nope
Raiders? They won
Rams? Rebuilding
Titans? Worst team in football, bar none.

Looks like even the tards are starting to throw Fisher under the

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 2:46

gdiafante? Biggest troll here! lol!

By: gdiafante on 10/19/09 at 2:54

Nice comeback (sarcasm). But, that's to be expected when you have such limited intellect.

Seen any terrible towels lately? LOL @ U!

By: gdiafante on 10/19/09 at 2:56

Oh, sorry Titan1, I didn't mean to use such a big word in your company. Sarcasm means a sharp, cutting remark intended to mock.

Here ended the lesson.

By: jps13pat on 10/19/09 at 3:12

Here's the plan. Get Scaife and Tulloch resigned to a long-term deal. Sign Lendale, Nickey, Harper, Brown, and Vanden Bosch for 2-3 years. Let Alge Crumpler, Kevin Mawae, Jevon Kearse, Dave Ball, Keith Bullock, and Craig Hentrich all leave as free agents. Cut Cary Williams. Fire Cecil and Heimerdinger. Spend all of your money to convince Shanahan to come be the Offensive Coordinator alongside Jeff Fisher. Find someone that knows what they're doing to fill open Defensive Coordinator role.

Draft a pass rusher that scares people in the first round of 2010, and pick up a cornerback project in the third round, and a dynamic punt/kick returner in the 4th or 5th rd. Try to pick up some LB's or DB's in the late rounds and hope they pan out. Pick up a veteran corner back in free agency for depth or to replace Nick Harper.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best the following season.

By: gdiafante on 10/19/09 at 3:22

"Spend all of your money to convince Shanahan to come be the Offensive Coordinator..."


Yeah, the guy who ran everything in Denver for a decade, and who is absolutely loved by higher profile franchises like Washington and Dallas, will accept a demotion in order to coach under Jeff Fisher with a franchise that probably only has 5 years left in Nashville.

Yeah, sounds like a plan. By the way, pass the "deutchie"...

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 3:23

gd, you spewed the garbage, not me. You have said time and time again that you don't like the Titans, Titans fans or anything about Nashville. You are just one bitter individual. If you can't comprehend, get your mama to explain it to you.

By: gdiafante on 10/19/09 at 3:26

What garbage? They are the worst team in the league, and you are one of the dumbest people in the city. No garbage, just facts.

Nice "mama" reference, is it your anniversary?

By: frank brown on 10/19/09 at 4:09


You can spar with Titan1. He is just a loyal dedicated hard working citizen of this city. Yes, he can be delusional at times but he has a good heart and a wonderful attitude.

As for you, I always love to spar with you. I know what your intellect is. I know that you are frustrated with your life, your income and your future. You know that I know that you cannot command the respect of your work mates to the degree that you think you deserve.

Take your miserly discretionary income and enjoy a Predators game.

You have no business attacking Titan1.

By: TITAN1 on 10/19/09 at 5:52

gd, why am I dumb, because I back my hometown Titans? I am not the one who gets on here and berates every poster no matter what they are saying and it is not just the Titans stories. I have seen you do it to other posters in other stories for a long time. Just what is your problem? Why are you so bitter all the time.

By: house_of_pain on 10/20/09 at 9:40

Another idiot still complaining about the towel...sheesh, let it go.