Finnegan uses award event to lobby for Vanden Bosch

Monday, December 7, 2009 at 6:51pm

Tennessee Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was honored with two awards on Monday, and at least one teammate believes he should be rewarded with a third honor by the team.

Vanden Bosch was chosen as the Titans Community Man of the Year for his charitable works for 2009, and now will be one of 32 contenders for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Also, Vanden Bosch and teammate Cortland Finnegan were chosen to be part of a 26-man group for USA Football’s All-Fundamentals team, selected jointly by the league and the NFL Players Association. Vanden Bosch was selected for his ability on how to play against the run, while Finnegan was chosen for his skills in man-to-man pass coverage.

But on Monday, Finnegan’s coverage dealt with Vanden Bosch, a
free agent-to-be whom he considers a role model for his own game. The cornerback said he would like to see Vanden Bosch get a contract extension from the Titans.

“It’s awesome. I’m blessed to play with him. You talk about wants and needs, and I still need to play with this guy,” Finnegan said. “He needs to be back on this team, and hopefully that gets done, because he is somebody that inspires me to continue to play the way I play. That’s my vote now, to put it out there. When I look at him, he resembles everything I want to be, from a great dad, to on the field, to work ethic. So I’m lobbying right now.”

Thus far, talks between Vanden Bosch’s agent Tony Agnone and the Titans have only advanced to the preliminary stages from before the season. Vanden Bosch has three sacks this season, including two in the past three games.

Vanden Bosch, who arrived from Arizona in 2005 as a free agent, has found a home with the Titans both with his efforts on the field and off.

“It didn’t take long to find out that this was the right place, as far as the organization, the coaching staff and the community. It seemed like this was a good place for me,” Vanden Bosch.

As for the All-Fundamentals Award, the defensive end said he takes pride in his duties in playing against the run.

“Specifically playing the run as a defensive lineman is so much about accountability,” Vanden Bosch said. “Not only do you have to have good technique, but you have to be in your gap and take care of your responsibilities. And that’s very important to me.”

As for his other award, Vanden Bosch formed the KVB S.A.C.K. Foundation two years ago and has been doing work for Cystic Fibrosis and the Boys and Girls Club with his annual wrestling event being a key part of the equation. Vanden Bosch and his wife Lindsey, through their foundation, built a media center at the Andrew Jackson Boys and Girls Club in Nashville and are in the process of building another one.

“With this team, I think the message is sent from the top down with Coach [Jeff] Fisher and Mr. [Bud] Adams just how important it is to get out in the community and give back,” Vanden Bosch said. “It’s talked about a lot. Sometimes it’s difficult for guys, players and coaches, to get out during the season, but guys are always willing here and do a great job.”

VY knee update

Though Vince Young was able to finish the game, cameras from CBS showed him doubled over in pain on the ground in front of the bench immediately after making a tackle on an interception by the Colts’ Jacob Lacey during Tennessee's 27-17 loss in Indianapolis.

“Obviously, it was a physical game. There was a lot going on. I think he was a little sore prior to the interception,” Fisher said. “Mainly the hit that you referenced there on one leg and just running around. Overall, I thought he did a good job considering we were just sacked once and they’re one of the better pass-rushing teams in the league.”

Fisher said Young was getting treatment and he did not anticipate the knee being an issue.

More injuries

The Titans also hope to get injured receiver Justin Gage (back) more involved this week and see how he is. Gage, suffering from transverse process fractures in his back, missed his fourth consecutive game on Sunday.

Also, Fisher said the Titans are still evaluating defensive tackle Jason Jones, who missed his fifth game of the year because of a nagging shoulder injury.

As for injuries from the game at Indianapolis, tight end Jared Cook will be subject to the new rules implemented regarding concussions. Cook suffered a concussion on the second kickoff of the game, and a neutral physician will have to be involved to help determine when Cook can be cleared to return.

“We’re following protocol,” Fisher said. “Really the only change is we that need to get a neutral physician involved to assess baselines and comparisons, period. That’s what we’re doing.”

Calls questioned

Fisher took issue with some plays in the red zone on the drive that stalled on the fourth-and-2 fade where Kenny Britt landed out of bounds. He said a pass interference call should have been made on the play, and also took issue with the holding call on guard Eugene Amano and a non-call of what he said was illegal contact on Young’s scramble to the 2-yard line on the drive.

“We had our opportunities and didn’t play as good as I hoped we would with some of the things that happened,” Fisher said. “I’m not sitting here and pointing a finger at the things that were and not called. I will say I’m very disappointed. I’m disappointed in a number of things that were called incorrectly or were not called.”

Fisher said he likely would talk with the league office regarding those situations and a potential low hit on Young by former Titan Mookie Johnson.

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By: TitansFan035 on 12/8/09 at 12:06

Well i hope they don't try to break the bank bringing Vanden Bosch back! We need to get younger on the corners and we need help at the safety and nickel positions bad!! With Harper hopefully gone i hoep Titans consider resigning Hood, back so he can take over that corner spot. We need help in the front D line as well we need pressure on QB's and we are not getting there!

By: wayneCaluger on 12/8/09 at 1:01

TitansFan035 said : Well i hope they don't try to break the bank bringing Vanden Bosch back! We need to get younger on the corners and we need help at the safety and nickel positions bad!! Between the two DE Kerse needs to go to Shady Pines for sure and with a younger, faster and more effective DE on the other side perhaps Vanden Bosch will be even more effective. At least I have heard his name called during games and that's more than I can say for Kearse.

TitansFan035 said : With Harper hopefully gone i hoep Titans consider resigning Hood, back so he can take over that corner spot. I agree 100% with Hood. He was an immediate impact player when they brought him in with three interceptions over three games. Once again Manning ate Harper lunch last game while Finnegan held Reggie Wade to zip, but with Fisher once in as a starter you can live as long as you like on past glory, like Kearse and a few others.

TitansFan035 said :We need help in the front D line as well we need pressure on QB's and we are not getting there! I think starting with replacing Kearse and giving Bosch some competition adding some speed to keep the QB's from getting outside the pocket to extend plays would help the D line alot.

If you watched last nights Packers-Ravens game the Packers young rookie Matthews (Bruce Matthews nephew) he was everywhere making plays from sacking Flaco to running down running backs. If he couldn't get around the end he would spin and come up the middle. The boy has speed and you almost need a gun to stop him.

But most likely Fisher and the Titans will go by Shady Pines to see what over the hill players we can pick up for a song. We need a return man even though Britt is doing better than anyone Fisher put in (anybody can field punts and kickoff's) after letting Carr walk for $4 mil. Special teams help is really needed to keep or gain some sort of field position. When you can run it back 25 yards against us why kneel down in the end zone for just 20? On the other side we seem more interested in seeing how close to the goal the other team is going to down the ball on.

By: TITAN1 on 12/8/09 at 5:48

The armchair quarterbacks are back. I'll continue to back coach Fisher and his decisions. He is not the highest paid NFL coach for nothing.