Fisher dons Manning jersey to introduce Dungy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 3:34pm

Despite an 0-6 start, Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher managed to keep his sense of humor on Tuesday.

Fisher was at Lipscomb’s Allen Arena to introduce former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy to those gathered for an engagement to benefit Rocketown. Fisher stepped to the podium in a suit and tie, then removed his coat, turned around and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a blue and white No. 18 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts jersey before introducing Dungy.

“I just wanted to feel like a winner,” Fisher joked as the crowd erupted in applause and laughter.

Dungy’s former team is currently unbeaten at 5-0 and leading the AFC South.

Several Nashville television stations recorded the video.

Asked about Fisher’s unorthodox introduction, Dungy said, “He made me feel right at home. Jeff is always the master of the unusual. That was quite a surprise but something only he would do. But just being here, and coming out and supporting this even with the team being 0-6, just to come out and be supportive, that’s who Jeff Fisher is. That’s why he is special. He pulled one out of the hat to make me feel at home.”

Rocketown is an endeavor created by contemporary Christian singer Michael W. Smith for young people to go to and receive faith-based counseling and mentoring along with recreational activities.

Others who took part in the event included country singers Vince Gill and Martina McBride and former Titans receiver Chris Sanders.

Dungy was asked what advice he might offer to Fisher as the Titans remain winless.

“Whenever we’ve talked, most of the time, it’s been both of our teams playing well. But there have been times when they’ve been playing well and we haven’t and vice versa. But we always told each other, ‘Just stick to your guns. Stick to what you believe in.’ That’s the best way out of it. I know that’s what they’re gonna do and I know they’ll bounce back,” Dungy said.

Dungy said he is enjoying his new job as a studio analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America and said he doubts he will ever go back into coaching. He said he now has time to do more ministry and charity work.

“It’s been pretty awesome to do events like this and do outreach to young people and visit prisons a little bit more. I just really think that’s what I’m really called to do,” Dungy said. “I just think [coaching] was a stage of my life and my career. I enjoyed it. I had 28 wonderful years, but I think I’m on to something else.”

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By: TitansFan035 on 10/20/09 at 2:27

Looser you should be fired for that idiot!!!

By: TITAN1 on 10/20/09 at 3:05

Uh, it was just all in fun to welcome Tony Dungy. I don't think it effects his coaching in any way. Not sure how a couple of players will take it though.

By: courier37027 on 10/20/09 at 8:24

Yeah, 035, that's right. And while they are at it, throw everyone out of LP Field who wears a Manning jersey or a opposing team uniform to a game.

TITAN1 you are getting soft. Yesterday you called for a new coach. Today you approve of a Titans employee who wears enemy gear? Had I worn a Colts jersey past your tailgate party, you would demand I leave town and sell my tickets to a real Titans fan.

By: idgaf on 10/20/09 at 9:36

Titian is still upset about the cradle snacher getting blown away.

By: wolfy on 10/21/09 at 5:15

Ummm Jeff what were you thinking? This ranks right up there with the decision to start a rookie on punt and kick returns. Just not a very smart decision.

By: TITAN1 on 10/21/09 at 7:15

courier, as usual you don't have a clue.

By: jwk6179 on 10/21/09 at 7:17

I noticed this morning on both of the Sports Radio Stations in town (Sports 56 and 104.5 the Homer, I mean, the Zone) that fans are starting to turn on Jeff Fisher and the Titans, even stating that Jeff Fisher is arrogant and HE MUST GO!!! About half the callers even stated that they are PSL holders and have been from the on-set of this team. And even more amazing is that a majority of the PSL holders stated that they support the Titans only because they are in Nashville but their TRUE LOYALTY lies with the Cowboys, Steelers, Colts, Packers, Browns, etc. Isn't it AMAZING how a 0-6 start brings out the TRUE FEELINGS of SO-CALLED TITAN FANS!!!

By: TITAN1 on 10/21/09 at 7:29

jw, you judging a fan base on a few callers? Guess what , the Titans will be here for a very, very long time. Every game sold out since the stadium was built. Fans can be upset but still back their team, especially when it is their home town team. Get use to it! LOL!

By: TITAN1 on 10/21/09 at 7:41

One more thing jw, when I was listening I never heard one PSL holder say anything like that.

By: blktenn on 10/21/09 at 7:41

FISHER and ADAMS knows a bunch of fools (one horse town) when they see one.

By: blktenn on 10/21/09 at 7:43

1045 kisses Jeff Fisher ______ . They will back anything he say or does... Frank Y should not be allow on the radio.

By: blktenn on 10/21/09 at 7:46

Fisher said
We’re going to relearn to throw and catch and block and tackle and kick and do all those things, and make plays and score points and try to do all those areas that need to be improved,” Fisher said. “I guess you could say starting over.


By: TITAN1 on 10/21/09 at 7:52


By: TITAN1 on 10/21/09 at 7:56

A couple of posters with multiple names, so sad. Have fun playing with yourselves. You are a waste of space.See ya!

By: sidneyames on 10/21/09 at 8:11

People are fickle; just look at how many wives ditch their hubbies when they lose the big money job; or how many husbands ditch their wives when the little tight bum droops a nitch or a wrinkle appears on that porcelain doll face!

So goes it with football players. The team is up; the team is down. Watch out Nashville, the tide can turn and if you're mean to the team, it's not nice!

The Titans are down at the moment; just pray for them; yell louder and boost up their spirits. Why kick them when they are down?

Go Titans!

By: jwk6179 on 10/21/09 at 8:12

TITAN1, for someone that is so QUICK TO ACCUSE me and several other posters of being the same person, how do we know that YOU AREN"T POSTING ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD UNDER MULTIPLE NAMES to make it seem that this town has more Titan supporters than it really does. I have notice that everytime some post the TRUTH ABOUT THE TITANS, it is the same handful of posters that come to your defense. How do we know that everyone of those post are notcoming from YOU AND YOUR COMPUTER????

And if you listened to the only OBJECTIVE SPORTS STATION IN TOWN (SPORTS 56 with Greg Pogue and David Coleman, Thom Abraham and Bill King and Joe Biddle), you would have HEARD THOSE PSL HOLDERS ESPRESSING THEIR LOYALITIES TO the STEELERS, COLTS, PACKERS and COWBOYS this MORNING!!!

By: jwk6179 on 10/21/09 at 8:26

And I can assure one that I'm only POSTING ON HERE UNDER THIS NAME. And I know that Courier37027 and idgaf ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON BECAUSE I"VE SEEN THEIR POST ON OTHER MESSAGE BOARDS as courier37027 and idgaf, while I've never seen you and your CAST OF CHARACTERS ON ANY OTHER MESSAGE BOARDS!!!

By: MusicCity615 on 10/21/09 at 9:46


Calm down. The Titans have been here for 12 years... The other teams (steelers, packers, browns, etc.) have been here for generations. Of course the older folks in Tennessee have other teams they support- The Titans weren't here when they were growing up.

It's the same reason why there are so many Titans fans in Houston. The Titans (Oilers back then) are the team they followed.

Winning solves everything. People hate Fisher now, want him to be fired. Bud stated he isn't going to do anything until the end of the season, so let's cheer for OUR team during the ups and downs!


By: RemembertheTitans on 10/21/09 at 11:47

I am a Titans fan but I have Peyton Manning on my Fantasy Football team! Does that make me a bad person? I gladly take Peyton over the dip$h*ts that we have under center! And how come we weren't asking for Fisher's head when we went 10-0 last season? Look at the bright least we aren't Detroit Lions fans!!!

By: courier37027 on 10/21/09 at 12:05

jwk, thanks for your support. I already challenged TITAN1 to identify single posters with multiple names. As usual, his laziness, arrogance and Code Blue myopia get the best of him.

blktenn, I am impressed. You made two consecutive posts without mentioning race. What a pleasant change from your status quo.

Finally, for those of you who can see past blue, in the mid-90's Tennessee played at Ole Miss. Peyton Manning was Tennessee quarterback. His dad Archie Manning, an Ole Miss alumnus and former quarterback, donned a Vols jersey for that night only. Ole Miss fans understood family is thicker than alma mater.

By: jps13pat on 10/21/09 at 11:57

RemembertheTitans, anwering your questions - Yes; because he won 10 games!? Seriously what kind of question is that?

By: jwk6179 on 10/22/09 at 7:22

One more thing jw, when I was listening I never heard one PSL holder say anything like that.

TITAN1, I thought you posted last week that you DIDN"T LISTEN TO SPORTS TALK RADIO. If you don't listen, how can you say you didn't hear any callers say that when you were listening?