Fisher: Kiffin's claim of geography, lawsuit link 'absurd'

Friday, July 30, 2010 at 5:00pm

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher called Lane Kiffin’s assessment that ‘geography’ played a part in the NFL team’s decision to file a lawsuit against Kiffin and the University of Southern California ‘absurd.’

Kiffin asserted Thursday during Pac 10 media days his belief that lingering resentment in the state over his unexpected departure after one season as University of Tennessee coach played a part in the Titans’ decision to file suit after Kiffin hired Titans’ running backs coach Kenndy Pola to be his offensive coordinator. Pola joined the Titans’ staff in January and accepted the position with Kiffin and USC on Saturday, one week before the start of training camp.

“You’re talking about two different entities here,” Fisher said. “You’re talking about an NFL team and an action that took place last weekend, and a whole different set of circumstances that took place months ago surrounding a tremendous educational institution, the University of Tennessee. They’re two completely different issues.

“How one could think anyone could combine to two is absurd to me.”

Fisher stood by his publicly stated belief that Kiffin’s actions in the hiring of Pola were unprofessional. The USC alum stressed, though, that he has no issue with the university as a whole.

“This is not between me and USC,” he said. “My name’s not on that lawsuit. I have too much respect for the university – I always have and I always will, for their leadership and everything. That has nothing to do with it.”

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By: KaeWor on 7/30/10 at 6:28

Never before has a coach talked so much and done so little. If I call Kiffin a loser, is it because I secretly resent him or is it because he just doesn't win many football games. Loser.
The best thing he did for Knoxville was to leave. Way to go, coach. Classy.

By: retmarut on 7/31/10 at 8:08

The following letter was published in the LA Times on 7/30/10.
So Jeff Fisher is upset at Lane Kiffin and USC for hiring Kennedy Pola. You mean the same Jeff Fisher who hired away Norm Chow from USC in the midst of possibly the greatest run in the history of NCAA football, then fires him …. delivering him to the crosstown rival Bruins? You mean the same Jeff Fisher who turned his back on his school when they so desperately needed him to take over the program and restore its credibility?

Please. This is the same guy who turned a victory over UCLA in 1980 into defeat by tipping the ball into the arms of Freeman MacNeil for the winning touchdown. Jeff Fisher is quickly working his way to being on par with Reggie Bush as "persona non grata" with USC family.

Robert Scott