Haynesworth says he wants to stay with Titans long-term

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 2:10am
Albert Haynesworth signs autographs for fans on Tuesday. Mike Strasinger for The City Paper

Albert Haynesworth was sporting a new look but still has the same old goal with the Tennessee Titans.

Haynesworth sported a clean-shaven head in his appearance at the Shoe Carnival in Cool Springs for Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls provides footwear for needy people in the United States and around the world.

In terms of football, Haynesworth is eager to get back to his Titans teammates and he’s also hoping to land a new long-term contract with the Titans after being hit with the $7.25 million franchise tag in February.

“I hope all this works out. I’ve always said my goal is to be a Titan, and that hasn’t changed,” Haynesworth said.

Haynesworth has been absent from all of the Titans’ offseason work, which concludes on Friday. But he and his agent Chad Speck say it is possible he could sign the tender offer and report when training camp opens July 25.

Speck and Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt have been talking and have until July 15 to negotiate a long-term deal. If they cannot do so, Haynesworth would have to play for the tender offer and could not sign a long-term deal until after the regular season.

Reinfeldt and Speck have toyed with the idea of some incentives added to the tender that, if reached, might allow Haynesworth to explore unrestricted free agency without being tagged again in 2009.

“I think the way to look at it is certainly there’s some gap there, and there’s a big gap that we’re trying to close from a long-term standpoint,” Speck said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that that’s our goal and that’s Albert’s goal to be with Tennessee long-term. We are talking, but I think we’re trying to come up with a short-term compromise for a long-term solution.”

In the meantime, Haynesworth said he is different in more than just the bald head, which he said was a short-term solution to a botched haircut about three weeks ago.

He has been working out on his own with a training outfit called CES, based out of Atlanta, and likes the results the workout and diet regimen has brought.

“The workouts are hard, and it’s just me by myself. I’m not getting any rest time,” he said of the difference between working on his own and with his Titans teammates. “We got Chad out there a couple of times, but after about a week of that, he didn’t show back up.

“I’ve been working just as hard and it’s more detailed. You don’t have 50 guys that you have to worry about. I’ve changed my body from almost like the first week. I’m discovering muscles that I didn’t have or didn’t think I had. I feel better and I look better. It’s great.”

Haynesworth said he didn’t know exactly what he weighs and still wants to lose a few pounds, but said that the weight he has added has been muscle.

“I’m still trying to drop a few pounds,” Haynesworth said. “I’ve added a lot of muscle and my chest has gotten bigger. My back has gotten bigger. I still want to get down. I’m starting to see some abs down here. It’s kind of funny, because I’ve never experienced those before. I’ve always had a keg and now I’m trying to get that six-pack.”

And a new guaranteed contract that would allow him to reach his goal of finishing his career as a Titan and getting back to playing football.

“It’s not something we want to move beyond training camp,” Speck said. “We want it to be done prior to training camp. Albert is in the business of playing professional football, and that’s what he wants to do.”

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By: nashbeck on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Sign him to a longterm deal with the Titans that keeps him motivated longterm with the Titans. Go Titans, win the SUPERBOWL!!

By: OneTimer on 12/31/69 at 6:00

The only thing that will keep him motivated is if his play leads him to a bigger contract every next.

By: JohnnyLaw on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Let's hope the Titans don't play contract games with AH like they did with McNair and others in the past. Titans management has made some harsh personnel decisions in the past, noting that the NFL is a business, so Albert is just as entitled to look out for his financial future. Sign him already, and to a multi-year deal!