Linebacker Tulloch set to go against Browns

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 12:14pm

Starting middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who has missed the entire preseason with a tendonitis in his knee, has returned to the practice field and pronounced himself ready to play this Saturday night against the Browns.

“All the soreness is gone and I’m pretty much 100 percent. It was just a little tender inside and as a precaution they rested it and rehabbed it, and now it’s back to full strength and I’m ready to go,” Tulloch said.

Ryan Fowler has been starting in Tulloch’s stead for the first three preseason games.

Tulloch admits that watching has been a frustrating experience for him;

“It’s very frustrating. I’ve missed one practice in four years of being here, so missing a couple of weeks of practice with the guys was very frustrating at times,” Tulloch said. “The training staff did a good job of getting me back healthy and getting back out there.”