Media pick Vanderbilt to finish near last in SEC East

Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 3:53pm
Staff reports

Vanderbilt continues to battle Tennessee for higher ground.

The Commodores were picked to finish sixth — right behind the Vols — out of seven teams in the SEC East in the league’s preseason media poll, which was announced on Thursday. LSU was projected to win league championship.

Vanderbilt, which went 6-7 in 2011 and reached the Liberty Bowl, received 598 points, only ahead of Kentucky. Tennessee, which failed to make a bowl last year, received 718 points, and four first-place votes. Ahead of both schools were newcomer Missouri, Florida, South Carolina and projected divisional champion Georgia, which garnered 132 first-place votes.

In the West, LSU collected 139 first-place votes for a decisive lead over defending national champ Alabama. The Crimson Tide, who knocked off the Tigers in the title game, placed second with 72 first-place votes. Arkansas was picked to finish third with Auburn, newcomer Texas A&M, Mississippi State and Ole Miss following.

The top eight projected teams in the conference were LSU, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and Auburn, with Florida and Ole Miss tying for seventh.

A record 222 members of the media who voted followed the coaches’ lead and left Vanderbilt off its first team.

Running back Zac Stacy was tabbed to the second team and cornerback Trey Wilson was named to the third team but, just like in the SEC coaches poll released last week, no Commodores made the first team.

Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Missouri also did not have anyone make the first team. Kentucky was the only school with just one player tabbed to the three teams.

Tennessee had five earn preseason honors, headlined by first-team selection, junior wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers. Wide receiver Justin Hunter and linebacker A.J. Johnson made the second team and offensive lineman Ja’Wuan James and defensive back Prentiss Waggner earned third-team honors.

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By: Rasputin72 on 7/19/12 at 2:10

This is the highest pick that I can remember since 1948.

By: MetalMan on 7/20/12 at 4:51

They're cliimbing up in the ratings!

By: rldavenport@com... on 7/20/12 at 10:19

Who cares what the clowns in the SEC media think? They're smoking some bad weed if they think UT is going to finish ahead of VU. If it happens, it will only be because of UT's notoriously weak November schedule. What a joke!

By: MetalMan on 7/20/12 at 5:41

No, the joke's on Natchez Trace!

By: wiseguy1 on 7/20/12 at 7:54

mm ... I think the joke is on be on you and your attitude. Keep coming back for your medicine. Nobody here is claiming a championship, just improvement.

Get over yourself.

By: Blip on 7/21/12 at 6:44

I'm a Vanderbilt fan, so hope they will finish the season higher in the standings. If the Commodores achieve more, we will be reminded about this prediction in every article about them later in the season. The prediction won't decide any games. This prediction will make the media coverage of a Vanderbilt success different though.

By: joe41 on 7/21/12 at 8:47

Tennesse got four votes to finish first? Besides Dooley who else would waste their vote?Joe

By: 4gold on 7/23/12 at 5:03

No matter what VU does. Media turns a blind eye. They picked Ole Miss ahead of VU even though VU smoked OM 5 of last 6 games. All people remember is where they were suppose to finish. I pick VU to upset Mizoo, FL and UT. Of the 4 main sports UF and VU were the only sport programs to send all four sports into post season play last year. UF gets credit but no one knows VU did the same. It's media perception ingnoring the facts.

Nashville media sucks. Go to any other SEC town and the local paper is all candy and roses for the local team. Only in Nashville does the local team get nothing but grief. I dont see Oxford paper supporting MS.ST. or Starkville paper supporting OM. Only in Nashville.

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville!

By: 4gold on 7/23/12 at 5:05

String bean Brey wont make it to the end of the season. UT will be fighting UK for the cellar.

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville!