Midseason defensive report card

Thursday, November 10, 2005 at 1:00am

Defensively, the Tennessee Titans have had good games (see Baltimore, Houston, Arizona), bad games (see Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis) and games in between (see Cincinnati, Oakland, Cleveland).

There are certain statistics that can be pointed out to make a case for the defense playing well overall, such as allowing only a 32.4 percent conversion rate on third down or the team total of 24 sacks, which is already approaching their total of 32 from 2004.

And there are areas that can be pointed out as evidence of the defense playing poorly, such as having only six interceptions all season (including two of those by linebackers) or allowing opponents to rush for 4.3 yards per carry and pass for 12.2 yards per catch.

But one thing has been a constant for the Titans defense this year

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