NFL denies Pacman’s request to return

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at 12:42am

Adam “Pacman” Jones’ suspension will remain in effect for the entire 2007 season, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ruled on Tuesday.

Jones and his attorneys Manny Arora and Worrick Robinson met with Goodell last Friday in New York to plead Jones’ case for reinstatement after 10 games, a provision Goodell said he would consider when he originally suspended Jones for the 2007 season back in April.

Commissioner Goodell notified Adam Jones today that his suspension will remain unchanged and will continue through the remainder of the 2007 season,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement Tuesday. “He will be eligible to begin working out at the Titans’ facility following the conclusion of the team’s season.”

That means Jones will not be allowed to rejoin the Titans for any postseason games this season as well, should the team qualify for the playoffs. Through eight games, the Titans are 6-2 and would be a wild-card qualifier in the AFC if the season ended today.

The Titans also issued a statement Tuesday regarding Jones’ suspension.

“As we have said all through this process, we understood the suspension was for a year and made preparations to move our team forward without Adam Jones. We will continue to monitor his situation and will address his future when he is reinstated by the Commissioner,” the statement said.

Arora was traveling out of the country on Tuesday and did not immediately respond to a message.

Robinson, a Nashville attorney, said that he was disappointed with the decision handed down by the league.

“We received a letter this afternoon informing us of Commissioner Goodell’s decision, and I am disappointed that Pacman will not able allowed to return this season,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he spoke to Jones Tuesday to discuss any options they might have and would make a formal statement on the decision today.

Jones, Tennessee’s first-round pick in 2005, was suspended after a string of off-field incidents that has included six arrests and 11 matters in which his name has surfaced in a police investigation.

Jones has no convictions, but still has charges pending regarding felony coercion from an incident outside a Las Vegas strip club. A hearing on that matter in regards to whether the case goes forward is scheduled for Nov. 27.

Jones also has a felony obstruction of an officer charge pending in Georgia, a case that has been continued until March 2008.

In the pending Georgia case and another matter in which charges were dropped, Jones failed to report the arrests to the Titans or the NFL, in violation of league policy. A story in The City Paper earlier this year brought those two arrests and details surrounding them to light.

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By: BADCOPS on 12/31/69 at 6:00

See, there is a God....

By: Cowboy84 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

His effect on this team is clear, addition by subtraction. Last year they were having to answer questions weekly about something else smacman had done, this year you can feel how much calmer and more focused this team is. If Fisher is as smart as everyone says he is smacman never sees the field for this team again. Also, something being lost in all this is people are assuming that smacman will have the same speed and skills after a year without football that he had before, and there's almost no way he'll be the same player. He hasn't been working out like he was before, he's not playing football every week, and he's not in football shape. His value to the Titans is dropping every day he's not playing.

By: junebugfan on 12/31/69 at 6:00

It would appear that, hopefully, the suspension is working. We haven't heard of him being involved in any incidents in quite some time now.(Shocking)Hope that this is the wake up call that he needed for him to mature and get his priorities in order before it is too late for him on a personal level. Also hope that he is able to return to the NFL next season and have a great career - FOR ANOTHER TEAM. It is tremendously obvious in watching the Titans this year how much better off they are on and off the field without Jones. Also, Finnegan is playing MUCH better at corner than Jones ever did (better coverage, no pass interference penalties, no pattern of unnecessary personal fouls, etc.), and the return game, although admittedly not nearly what it was with Jones, is still good. I'll trade that one minus for the huge plus side any day.