Parcells down on Cowboys

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 1:00am

Suddenly, Bill Parcells doesn't look like such a great coach anymore.

Sure, there is a lot of time left in the season, but the Cowboys fell to 2-4 Sunday after being thrashed by the Green Bay Packers.

Entering the game, Dallas had been outscored 34-0 in the fourth quarter of their three losses. Against the Packers, the final quarter didn't matter.

Said Parcells, "This is most certainly the lowest point for me in my tenure in Dallas. This is the lowest point for me. I am embarrassed to put a team on the field that looks like that. That was a bad beating. If we don't get any better on defense, we won't have a chance to win another game."

Green Bay scored on each of their first seven possessions, and its first punt didn't come until the fourth quarter. That 90-yard touchdown run by Ahman Green was the longest by a Cowboys opponent in their history.

"Like I said, it's the low point," Parcells said. "I guess you go back to the drawing board. But what I am doing isn't working either. I have to reassess that, too."

Raiding the wideouts

There must be something in the drinking water in Oakland that's affecting the team's wide receivers.

First, there was the summer release of Tim Brown. Then, last week, Jerry Rice was traded to Seattle after becoming an afterthought in the team's offense, despite still being a starter.

That should have been good news for Jerry Porter. Yet, there was Porter grousing because of rumors the Raiders had also been shopping him prior to the Oct. 19 trading deadline.

Coach Norv Turner said, "I don't think there's anything to that one. Jerry's working hard ... doing a lot of good things."

But Porter wasn't buying. While admitting he had no confirmation that the Raiders were looking to trade him, Porter said the sources of the reports "wouldn't have a reason to lie about it."

Perhaps not. But players have to understand that rumors are often the flight of fancy from idle minds. After all, there was one rumor floating about that the Rams discussed dealing wide receiver Isaac Bruce to Baltimore for linebacker Ed Hartwell. That one simply makes you laugh.

But back to Porter. He was so upset, he claimed this would be his last season with the Raiders and would sign elsewhere as a free agent in the offseason. Porter said he has voided the 2005 year from his contract.

Rice still tasty

Former NFL quarterback Steve Young believes Jerry Rice can be an effective receiver now that he is at Seattle and in the familiar West Coast offense.

"I think that cannot be understated," Young said. "You saw last year he led the team [with 63 catches] but what he would do is he would find a zone and then he would make a little move and go by a guy because it was all set up. He's never been somebody who just runs by people, but everything can be set up and this offense can do that. I like this move for him."

Wannstedt's future

With the Dolphins at 0-6 heading toward Sunday's game against St. Louis, owner Wayne Huizenga was quizzed by the local media concerning coach Dave Wannstedt's future.

Huizenga said he probably wouldn't make any coaching changes during the season, figuring it usually isn't productive.

"I would lean toward saying yes, we'll wait until the season's over," Huizenga said. "Not to say we won't change our mind, but that's probably where we are today."

The owner acknowledged the effect that running back Ricky Williams' departure and wide receiver David Boston's knee injury had on the team, but he still claimed to be "very surprised" the team was unable to win any of its first six games, believing they were still capable of being better than .500.

"I was thinking more than 8-8," Huizenga said. "I would never have been happy with 8-8. I would today."

The Dolphins finally won their first game Sunday, defeating the Rams, 31-14.

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