Possibilities plentiful, but Titans can reach playoffs three ways

Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 11:24am

With Saturday’s victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tennessee Titans remained alive in the battle for the final AFC wild card spot.

For the Titans to have any chance to earn their first postseason appearance since 2009 they most win at Houston on Sunday and the Cincinnati Bengals must lose to the Baltimore Ravens.

Beyond that, several other things must happen.

According to the NFL, there are three scenarios in which the Titans make the playoffs. They are:

   1) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + OAK loss or tie
   2) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + DEN loss or tie
   3) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ loss or tie + OAK win + DEN win

Cincinnati currently is 9-6 and needs only a win to lock up that spot. Tennessee is one of three teams —Oakland and the New York Jets are the others — at 8-7.

“We know we’ve got to win the football game and let things happen from there,” coach Mike Munchak said following Saturday’s game. “We don’t control anything else but us beating Houston in Houston, so that’s not an easy task in itself. We get the chance to go down there and play against a good football team, the team that won our division on New Year’s Day.

“We want to finish 9-7.  I mean, that’s the best we can do and then we can worry about if we win this game or that game but that’s for later. I think it’ll be exciting.”

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By: courier37027 on 12/25/11 at 8:43

Is another comma needed, in next to last paragraph, between division and a? Phrase "the team that won our division" should be set aside with commas. Otherwise it reads as Texans winning division on January 1.

By: T-BONE on 12/26/11 at 7:08

What the Titans need is for BUD ADAMS come to town and FLIP some more of his magic F-U birds! ( I want my children to learn valuable lessons from a RICH BIG FAT TEXAN "COW"-boy)! Bud can also look over his free "Colosseum" and pick up another boat load of money and haul it back to Texas! (GOD'S chosen state)!...LOL

By: Rasputin72 on 12/26/11 at 8:23

This team has about as much business being in the playoffs as Vanderbilt has of having. a win.ing season. Luck is with Bud Adams. Not being eliminated until the final game will give people hope that the second miracle in the last 53 years will occur next year.

By: Radix on 12/26/11 at 12:42

These may be Munchak's last few games if he departs for PSU. Who would take his place next year?