Preds' binding agreement signed

Friday, August 31, 2007 at 7:31pm

A source close to the local group planning to buy the Nashville Predators has confirmed Friday that the binding agreement between the group and current owner Craig Leipold has been signed by the local group.

There was no word on whether Leipold has signed. The local group started meetings at 8 a.m. today and signed the agreement less than two hours later. After the local group signed attorneys reviewed the document and decided some minor changes and rewording might be needed.

"There is a lot of lawyering going on," said the source.

The legal document is a definitive binding agreement, but it has not been sent to the National Hockey League for review.

The local group is asking for a number of changes on the lease agreement for the Sommet Center, but any final decisions will have to wait until a new mayor takes office.

"We have been real clear we are working closely with both Bob Clement and Karl Dean about changes to the lease that are essential to our position to do this deal," said Joe Hall, spokesman for the local group that is headed by David Freeman, CEO of 36 Venture Capital. "Both are in agreement with that, but we will have to wait for the final outcome."

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By: idgaf on 12/31/69 at 6:00

They signed the deal as is why should we the taxpayers be involved?If they want to renegotiate lets do it downward.Take back som of the giveaways they have like nameing rights to OUR Arena.

By: predator63 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

as a season ticket holder i am glad the binding agreement was signed . the local ownership group needs to keep one thing in mind though until ownership changes hands officially this is going to keep renewals down.the longer this plays out the more it will affect ticket hurry up and tie all the loose ends and get this deal done already.

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Agreed predator63, the sooner the better!