Preseason rankings aside, Locker's expectations set high

Friday, July 12, 2013 at 3:42pm

Jake Locker spoke briefly to media about his expectations for the 2013 Titans on Friday afternoon during the Jake Locker Football ProCamp for the youth of Middle Tennessee.

“I expect great things from this team,” said Locker. “I don’t care what everybody else says, and I am excited about the opportunity to get out there and shock some people.”

Locker said he is excited and looking forward to the start of camp, which begins July 26.

He said that he and some of the receivers threw once this week and they are getting together a couple times next week to throw before camp starts. One of Locker’s new targets for the 2013 season is Justin Hunter, who was drafted 34th overall in this year’s draft.

“He is talented and I think you know that as well as I do,” Locker said. “He was injured so we got to keep him healthy. He is a guy that can help us out definitely if we can keep him on the field.”

Locker, who has been battling a shoulder injury, is healthy and although he hasn’t thrown a pass in the 2013 season, he was ranked 31st out of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL by an ESPN preseason ranking.

“It doesn’t matter to me, it is a preseason ranking, no games have been played so in my opinion it means nothing,” Locker said. “People can judge and do whatever they want, and I am going to go out and play the way I always have and do the best I can to put our team in the best position to win. That is my goal, people can say and do what they want, but to me it really doesn’t matter.”

Last season, in 11 games, Locker threw for 2,176 yards, 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

“I am just excited at having the opportunity to put our product on the field and I think there have been a lot of changes, but our guys are taking it really well in stride and done a good job with it,” Locker said. “I am looking forward to seeing that product on the field.”

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By: wasaw on 7/15/13 at 7:49

This is one of the stupidest articles I've ever seen published. What do you expect a low level NFL quarterback to say? Locker is lucky that the inept Bud Adams organization woke up on draft day and chose his sorry butt. However, due to the fact that Locker plays with a bunch of unknowns, and they are unknowns because they do not rise to the level of their NFL peers, Locker will be fortunate to improve on his sorry 2012 record. Anytime a quarterback throws more picks than TD's, he's sorry.

Sorry for the bad review Locker, but the truth is the truth. Titan stadium seats are being sold daily. Folks are tired of their losing ways. Tennesseans have some difficulty spending their money to increase the wealth of a foreigner, Texan Bud Adams.

By: courier37027 on 7/15/13 at 10:58

Wasaw, I agree. No player on any lousy team will say ,"We stink." In pre-season sound bytes. This is cookie cutter, cliche journalism at its finest.