Report: Former BA star Austin new football coach at Cornell

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Former Brentwood Academy star quarterback Kent Austin is leaving his post as the offensive coordinator at the University of Mississippi to become head football coach at Cornell University, according to Austin, 46, starred for the Eagles and guided them to the Class AA state championship in 1980 before going to Ole Miss and playing quarterback for the Rebels. Austin then spent time has both a player and coach in the Canadian Football League. Austin was head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2007 before returning to Oxford, Miss., to be an assistant with the Rebels the past two years.  


I think this is a big loss

I think this is a big loss for Mississippi. All the recruits seem to love the guy.

Sorry you have an axe to

Sorry you have an axe to grind with BA. However, Coach Rankin, I appreciate your kind remarks about Kent Austin.

I normally have very few

I normally have very few positive comments about the Carlton Flatt school. In this case I am very proud of what Kent Austin has achieved. Cornell is not the SEC but Kent Austin has just gotten one of the best jobs in the coaching profession.

There is nothing like coaching boys who have a value system consistent with honor,integrity and very few tattoos.