Six former Sounds mentioned in Mitchell report

Friday, December 14, 2007 at 12:27pm

The Mitchell Report, released Thursday by Major League Baseball, implicated six former Nashville Sounds players as having used performance-enhancing substances.

Of the six players implicated, only one, catcher Tim Laker, is alleged to have used illegal substances while he was with the Sounds.

In the report, conducted by former Senator George Mitchell into the use of performance-enhancing substances used by MLB players, Laker admits to having purchased steroids from New York Mets employee Kirk Radomski beginning in 1995. According to the report, Laker continued purchasing steroids and syringes from Radomski through 1999, when he was a member of the Sounds, which were affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Besides Laker, other former Sounds who the report accuses of purchasing performance-enhancing substances from Radomski include Josias Manzanillo, who was with the Sounds in 2000 and 2002; Hal Morris, who was with the team in 1990 and 1992; Jason Christiansen, who was with the Sounds in 1999; and Jim Parque, who was a Sound in 1997.

Each of those players’ alleged use took place either before or after their stints in Nashville.

Outfielder Jose Guillen is also named in the report as one of the players who purchased banned substances from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. Guillen was also on the 1999 Sounds, although his alleged use of performance enhancing substances began after that.

Derrick Turnbow, a former star at Franklin High and a pitcher with the Brewers, was also named in the report.

The report said Turnbow tested positive for “a steroid violation,” when he was with the U.S. Olympic team in 2003-2004. Turnbow was banned from international competition for two years, but he was not disciplined by Major League Baseball.

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