Smash and Dash 'feud' continues with Titans running backs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 3:12pm

It was reaction day for the phantom feud between running backs Chris Johnson and LenDale White on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a report saying Johnson no longer wanted to team with White as part of the “Smash and Dash” duo surfaced.

Wednesday the two teammates fanned the flames a bit more for the cameras present. Johnson, who said he wants to be known now as “Every Coach’s Dream,” explained his position and also is now soliciting suggestions via Twitter for end zone celebrations for 2009.

“Every coach wants a player that if they’re sitting at home watching him says, ‘I wish I could have that player. I feel I’m Every Coach’s Dream,’” Johnson said. “Just tell him [White] that he will never be Every Coach’s Dream. That’s my name, and he’s got to come up with something better, because Smash and Dash is officially out the door.”

To which the loquacious White responded, “There never was a Dash without Smash. If there’s no Smash, there’s no Dash. If he’s the Coach’s Dream, I’m the Opposing Coach’s Nightmare.”

White, who backed up Johnson last year, had more to say on the subject Wednesday.

“He’s a little delirious, but when he wakes up out of this dream, he’s going to be all right,” White said. “The one thing about dreams is they’re not real. Let’s remember that. If you’re the coach’s dream, you’re not real.”

A message from a "Lendale White" via Twitter was even sent to Johnson, saying, "Dreams are not real."

Meanwhile, Johnson made a plea on NFL Network for fans to Twitter celebration suggestions to him at ChrisJohnson28, as he plans to visit the end zone around 15 times this year.

“That’s why you need suggestions from people. That’s why you’ve got to tell people to give you suggestions that make sure you don’t get a penalty,” Johnson said.

Another rough day

After suffering through several drops and three interceptions in Tuesday’s OTA, the Titans offense was bested by the defense to the tune of five turnovers on Wednesday.

Johnson fumbled on back-to-back plays in red zone team drills, including one strip by Kyle Vanden Bosch inside the 5.

Also, Kerry Collins was intercepted twice by Cortland Finnegan, and Nick Harper victimized Patrick Ramsey once.

Injury update

The Titans were short-handed at the wide receiver position Wednesday as first-round pick Kenny Britt (hamstring), Chris Davis (soreness) and Paul Williams (groin) were all out of action.

Linebacker Colin Allred was excused for personal reasons, while Jevon Kearse was limited to individual work again.

Coaches visit

The annual coaches clinic accounted for 110 high school coaches visiting Baptist Sports Park on Wednesday, with some coaches coming from as far away as Mississippi and Texas.

2 Comments on this post:

By: RyanHurd on 6/24/09 at 2:40

Here's a endzone celebration suggestion, its called "shut the hell up and play football." Its what real professionals do when they score. Barry Sanders was the greatest running back of all time, ten times better than chris johnson, and he never said a word and never spiked the ball.

Chris, you are arguing with lendale about nothing. He didn't do anything to you except for shut up and take a backseat like a real teammate. You weren't even rookie of the year. You didn't even get to 1400 yards. There are Five backs in the league better than you.

Shut the hell up and play football.

By: house_of_pain on 6/24/09 at 3:13

Barry Sanders? Everybody knows "The Oiler Cannonball" was the greatest.
I hope C.J. scores enough T.D.s to shut you the hell up.