Sounds extend affiliation with Brewers through 2012

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 5:29pm
Staff reports

The Nashville Sounds will remain the Milwaukee Brewers’ AAA affiliate at least through the 2012 season, the teams announced Wednesday.

“We are very pleased to continue our relationship with the Milwaukee Brewers and their staff,” Sounds’ owner Frank Ward said in a release announcing the extended agreement. “The product that they’ve put on the field here in Nashville speaks for itself. In addition, we are excited to know the Sounds will continue to play an integral role in developing the Brewers’ prospects on their way to Milwaukee.”

The Sounds have been the Brewers’ top farm team since 2005. During that time they have had five winning seasons, have been to the playoffs three times and won the 2005 Pacific Coast League championship.

Nashville’s record over those six seasons is 451-409, sixth best in the PCL. Twenty-four of the current 31 players on the Brewers’ active roster have played for Nashville.

“Frank Ward and his ownership group have provided our Nashville club with a number of our baseball-needed requests and the Brewers hope a new stadium is in the future plans,” Milwaukee vice president Doug Melvin said. “We appreciate the fans who have supported both the Sounds and the Brewers players who have earned their way to Milwaukee.”

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By: TITAN1 on 9/15/10 at 6:19

Build the stadium on the river bank downtown. Then Jeff can go find his Mayberry.

By: jwk6179 on 9/16/10 at 8:07

If you had been listening to the MAJORITY of the Nashville Sports Media (George Plaster, Mark Howard, Hope Hines, Tennessean, Daily News Journal, et al), it was a forgone conclusion just a month or so ago that the Brewers were moving their AAA affliate to Oklahoma City and the Sounds would be scrambling to find another team willing to play at Greer. Yet, they ALL ACTED SURPRISED when the Brewers renewed their contract with the Sounds for TWO MORE YEARS. Where do they get their INFORMATION?

By: TITAN1 on 9/16/10 at 11:18

I heard them say that, too. Not sure where they got it from, but I don't think it was from anyone "in the know." About the only time I listen to them is when John McClain and David Climer is on there. Even then it seems like they say the same thing everything every week. Glad I have Sirius radio so I can find something good most of the time. We still need a new ball park and I think downtown on the river is the best place. I think Sulphur Dell or the fairgrounds would be no better place than where they are now. But, then again I'm no expert.

By: cmarcus45 on 9/16/10 at 11:49

Well, damn. As a Cardinals fan, I was hoping the Sounds would swap to a non-NL Central team. Plus, the affiliation with Milwaukee just doesn't make geographic sense. Who here pulls for the Brewers in the majors?! I sincerely think the long-term viability of the Sounds is as much dependent upon changing to a more logical big league affiliation as it is upon getting a new stadium. Perhaps the latter will lead to the former . . .

By: jwk6179 on 9/16/10 at 4:57

The problem with your statement, cmarcus45, is that the biggest majority of baseball fans that live in the Nashville area have always been either Braves, Cardinals or Reds fans. It seems that all three of those teams are pretty satisfied with where their AAA teams are located (Gwinnett County, Ga., Memphis and Indianapolis) and aren't looking to relocate anytime soon. And the other teams that Nashvillian may have interest in (Yankkees, Red Sox, Cubs, Rays) aren't looking to move their AAA affliates anytime soon, either. So that basically means that teams like the Brewers, Pirates, Royals, Mariners, Nationals, etc. would be the only teams willing to relocate to Nashville.