Titans admit they don't know much about Bucs

Friday, August 14, 2009 at 5:08pm

The Tennessee Titans admit they don’t know exactly what they will face when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense comes to LP Field Saturday night.

That’s because the Buccaneers, playing their first preseason game, have a new first-time head coach in Raheem Brock and and offensive coordinator in Jeff Jagodzinski, who was most recently the head coach at Boston College.

“It’s going to be a little unique. I heard they started to prepare for us [Wednesday] and we have nothing to base our preparation on,” Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. “We don’t have a game [to go on]. It’s a new coaching staff. We can’t say, ‘this is our game plan,’ per se. We’ll be on our toes and we’ll have to adjust, as the play callers will and the players will. It will be a good experience for us.”

First-year defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil, with all of one game under his belt in that position, agrees that it can be a good thing for the Titans to be tested in this way on defense.

“The preseason especially for us is more about preparing ourselves and just kind of doing the things that we do,” Cecil said. “It’s really kind of a good experience because won’t be able to cheat really. You’ve got to play every thing honest because we don’t know what’s coming.

“It’s just another game to evaluate and the fact that we haven’t seen them on film, it’s a very unique situation, and it’s probably something that won’t ever happen for again for me in career.”

The Titans have searched around and found a few things they can go off of, such as films from Boston College and things from previous stops for Jagodzinski, who spent time on staffs in Green Bay and Atlanta before going to BC.

“We dug kind of deep and looked at a few different things. So we have a little bit of an idea,” Cecil said. “We looked at a few different things, just to get a general idea. A new offensive coordinator is probably going to stick to some things he has done in the past, and we’ll try and figure out what that is.”

Linebacker Ryan Fowler said in a way it will be like being back in high school with so little time for film preparation.

“It’s more like a high school game really because you just go in blind and play football,” Fowler said. “The reads are still going to be the same. We’ll get a sense of what they plan to do within the first series or two.”