Titans franchise value stagnant, but still among world's top 25

Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 7:22pm

Small market? OK.

Big money? Absolutely.

The Tennessee Titans are worth nearly $1 billion. That is the determination of a Forbes.com report, which ranked the 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world.

The Titans, valued at $994 million, came in at 24th on the list, which included all 32 NFL franchises in addition to professional soccer, basketball, baseball and auto racing teams.

The figure is unchanged from a year and equal to that of 2008. It reached $1 billion in 2009 after the team finished the 2008 regular season with an NFL-best 13-3 record and made its most recent playoff appearance.

However, the value has more than tripled since 1998, the year before it changed its nickname and colors and moved into what is now LP Field. Then, the value was determined to be $322 million.

Owner Bud Adams founded the franchise in 1959 at a cost of $25,000.

In the latest analysis, Tennessee ranked 18th among the NFL teams (also equal to a year ago), including third among the AFC South. Houston (ninth) and Indianapolis (16th) both topped $1 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys were the highest-ranked NFL team, second overall. Also in the top 10 were Washington (fourth), New England (sixth), the New York Giants (eighth) and Jets (10th) as well as Houston.

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By: richgoose on 7/15/11 at 5:41

If it were not for the total value of NFL itself this "Tennessee franchise" would be worth a lot less. This team is the flagship for the word mediocre.

By: pshipwrite on 7/16/11 at 6:55

I would add that "richgoose" is the flagship for mediocre comments, demonstrated most everyday on this website.

By: richgoose on 7/16/11 at 4:40

pshipwrite...........What you really mean is that you do not share the same opinion as Ol Richgoose.

I regret that I grew up with parents who taught me the value of logic,reality and never get too emotional or concerned about anything that does not add to my well being,physical or financial.