Titans' Harper: Forearm injury never really healed

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 4:32pm

Cornerback Nick Harper said his broken forearm, suffered on Oct. 11 against Indianapolis, never fully healed and that the new bone that formed around the plate inserted into the arm cracked from the constant banging of playing once he returned.

Harper was placed on injured reserve on Tuesday as the Titans signed cornerback Jamar Love off the Tampa Bay Buccaneeers practice squad to take his roster spot. Rod Hood, who had three interceptions in Harper’s time out of the lineup, will start the finale at Seattle on Sunday.

“It was never healed when I came back in the first place. It’s just one of those things where you go out and play the best you can with what you have,” Harper said. “I kind of cracked the new bone, I re-cracked it, hitting it every week, practicing on it every week. They said it never really got time to heal because I just kept playing with it week in and week out, so I guess it just finally gave.”

Harper returned for the Nov. 23 game against the Houston Texans and had one interception, but also gave up his fair share of plays. That, he said, was a result of not being 100 percent in his return.

“I would be lying if I sat here and said it didn’t hurt or that it didn’t bother me. There’s a lot of plays where I know I kept it out of the way intentionally, because it was hurting on certain plays, and I know some guys were going after it intentionally,” Harper said. “I was trying to protect myself as well as make plays at the same time. It limited me from doing certain things on the field.”

Asked if he returned too soon from the injury, Harper chalked it up to being a competitor and wanting to get back to help as soon as possible.

“You can’t heal a bone in five weeks. It’s not possible,” Harper said. “Because it’s just me, and it’s what I do. I’m a competitor and I knew if there was a chance I could go on the field, I was gonna go.”

Harper is one of 11 Titans players who are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after the season is over, regardless of the league's labor situation. He says he would like to keep playing either in Tennessee or somewhere else, but knows some teams could shy away from a 35-year-old cornerback coming off an injury. He said he will let the arm heal and see what happens.

“I’ll just leave it to the man upstairs. If it’s meant for me to play some more, then it’ll be,” Harper said. “But if not, I’m not gonna cry or complain about it. I definitely would like to play some more, but I’m going to let it take care of itself. … You can’t just sit there and cry about it. Nine years in the NFL, that’s great. That’s a long time. If it is that time, then it’s that time.”

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By: house_of_pain on 12/30/09 at 4:37

Harper also needs to recover from some serious burns he's suffered during the season...
Glad to see Hood back in the lineup.

By: TitansFan035 on 12/31/09 at 6:08

Cough,Cough, BULLSH*T,Cough. This guy he is a joke, why did you came back if the forearm was still tender? What is Conservative Field Goal Fishers, idea because he gave us the best chance to win! While Rod Hood, played his heart out and got 3 INT'S but yet ,Field Goal Fisher takes the guy out and puts Toast slow aarrse Harper! Horrible personnel decisions this year for Fisher terrible!

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/09 at 7:30

TitansFan035, you are ALWAYS bitching? If you can do better, apply in person at Baptist Sports Park. It is one thing to point out from time to time what you don't like, but as much as you complain, you must be miserable. Hope the New Year brings you some happiness.

By: TitansFan035 on 12/31/09 at 11:53

So i guess TITAN1, you agree with all the terrible calls Field Goal Fisher, made this year is that it? I guess you agree with Fisher old ways of playing football. So you like to see Harper getting burn every single sunday like he is a red headed step child or charlie Brown Pick on me. As a coach Fisher, sucks he is to conservative. 1 super bowl appearance in what 10 years? How many seasons of 8-8 can Fans take. Get beat on the first round of the playoffs? Dude i bet you one of the cheerleaders wearing pompoms on sunday evenings, pulling for Fisher and his mediore football ways! Hopefully with Fisher Gone in 2010 would be a better year!

By: TITAN1 on 12/31/09 at 3:51

035, I've had season tickets since day 1and I am very happy with coach Fisher. He has made a lot more good calls than bad. Look around the league, all coaches make their share of bad calls. You gripe all the time, never happy. Fisher is the highest paid coach in the NFL for a reason, he is a hell of a coach. If he was to quit or get fired teams would be lined up to to hire him and he could name the price. You might be right about Harper but to rake him across the coals like you do is STUPID! Coach Fisher is a hell of a coach and a class act! You are one of those who think you have to go to the playoffs every year. What New England has done is rare not the norm. Stop acting like you could coach or play in the NFL You might as well take up knitting because you will never be happy following the NFL.