Titans linebacker sinks his teeth into financial planning

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 6:21pm
Staff reports

Rennie Curran does not plan to go hungry.

Just one year into his professional football career, though, the Tennessee Titans linebacker is making plans for his financial future, which might include an investment in the food service industry.

According to an Associated Press report, Curran took part earlier this week in the Pro Athletes Franchise Initiative at Georgia Tech. There, he learned about franchise opportunities in the restaurant business.

Money matters apparently remained on his mind Wednesday.

“How do you balance when to give those in need and when to say no?” he said on Twitter. “Hard to know sometimes, especially when everyone thinks u make millions.”

A third-round draft pick in 2010, Curran signed a four-year deal last August with an average salary of just under $450,000 and a signing bonus of $644,000, according to reports.

He said he sought financial advice from NFL veterans even before he was drafted and received his first check. Among those who have counseled him is former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Jessie Tuggle, a mentor since Curran was in junior high.

A 22-year-old, Curran left the University of Georgia following his junior year and back-to-back seasons with more than 100 tackles.

“You always hear, coming in as a rookie, that you should be thinking about the transition after football because it will eventually end,” Curran said in the AP report. “Even if you have a 10-year career, you're 35 when you retire and you've still got your whole life ahead of you.

“It's like these guys [at the seminar] are saying, 'If you take advantage of opportunities like these and use this kind of platform while you're in the league, it can be huge.’”

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By: 4gold on 7/14/11 at 8:34

jOh good Lord, dont tell me an NFL player actually got the idea of doing something with his money rather than making it rain. Poor guy, how will he survive on half a million a year and put some away too? Boggles the mind.

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville a great place to live!