Titans Notebook: Fisher downplays a quick Bennett signing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 1:00am

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher downplayed the immediacy of the team perhaps re-signing wide receiver Drew Bennett, who was in for a visit and a physical on Monday.

Fisher didn’t deny having an interest in Bennett returning two years after leaving for a six-year, $30 million payday with the St. Louis Rams, but said the situation was still very preliminary in nature.

“He had difficult injury situations there — a couple of them that he had to deal with in St. Louis — and he’s healthy now. He’s just looking for an opportunity to come in and finish his career,” Fisher said. “We have not made a commitment to him, nor has he made a commitment to us. We just brought him in to see what kind of health he’s in, what his status was.”

Fisher said Bennett, who caught just one pass last year after injuring his foot in the season opener, still has something left to offer in his opinion besides just being a veteran leader at the receiver position.

“In the event something like that were to happen, we would never bring anybody in just for the locker room,” Fisher said. “We’re going to bring in somebody that can score touchdowns for us, and I think Drew still has some touchdowns left.”

Bennett’s best season for the Titans came in 2004 when he caught 80 passes for 1,247 yards and scored 11 touchdowns.

The Titans had a new locker room game to pass the time on Tuesday, thanks to cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who brought in a ‘cornhole’ game.

The game has two wooden rectangular boxes with a hole cut out of the center, and the object is to throw bags filled with corn into the hole in the box.

“I bought it at a Special Olympics auction, and I started to take it home, but I decided to bring it in here and have fun with it,” Finnegan said. “I just thought I’d bring it out to have a good time.”

Finnegan said he and safety Michael Griffin have already challenged each other in the game, and went 1-1 before deciding to team up and challenge teammates.

So who is good at the game? The quarterbacks seem to have an early edge in a very informal locker room poll. Finnegan said Kerry Collins is one of the better players at the game, while Ahmard Hall said Patrick Ramsey was a top performer. Finnegan went on to say that equipment man Joey Barranco is “a champion” at the game.

Perhaps the game is making too much of an impact. During his media session, Collins was asked about the loudness going on not far from his locker because of a particularly competitive game.

“This is the first day, but I’m about tired of it already,” Collins said. “The only sport I want to play today that involves a hole is golf.”

BROWN COMING ALONG: Defensive tackle Tony Brown has been slowed this off-season since undergoing shoulder surgery to clean out some loose bodies, but he said he is actually ahead of schedule in doing some limited work in OTAs.

“The shoulder is coming along good. I’m actually farther along than I’m supposed to be. I’m just taking it day by day and doing what the trainers ask me to do,” Brown said.

Also, defensive end Jacob Ford was back on Tuesday after sitting out last week’s work because of a sore hamstring. Kevin Mawae (elbow), Jevon Kearse (knee) and Ulrich Winkler (knee) all continue to be out of action.

Linebacker Keith Bulluck was away again because of a personal matter, but Fisher didn’t sound concerned.

“He’s got some issues he’s tending to. I’ll be talking to him the next couple of days. I’m not concerned. I’m sure if he could be here, he would be,” Fisher said.

NOT SURPRISED BY FAVRE: Collins said Tuesday that he isn’t surprised that retired quarterback Brett Favre is reportedly thinking about yet another comeback.

“I’m not surprised. He loves to play the game and he loves to be around the game,” Collins said. “I think it’s hard for all of us to not have it, to not be around it. I certainly understand his desire to play for as long as he wants, and I think he’s earned that right.”

If Favre unretires again and signs with the Minnesota Vikings, Collins said he doesn’t believe Favre’s legacy would be in any long-term danger.

“Maybe short-term, but long-term, I think people realize he is one of the top three quarterbacks ever to play the game,” Collins said. "In the short term, it may have an effect on his legacy, but I think in the long run, he’s one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game.”

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By: VUGuy on 5/13/09 at 7:23

Since the Titans are continuing to bring back former players, let's make Steve McNair our QB of the future. He's had a full season off so he should be fresh. Bring back Steve!

By: TitansKickAs on 5/13/09 at 11:36

I bet all those BENNETT shirt owners, from years past, hope they sign Drew. Veteran's minimum and no guarantee......what's bad about that?

By: JohnGalt on 5/13/09 at 12:14

Cornhole in the locker room. Hmmmmmmmm.

By: courier37027 on 5/13/09 at 3:44

"Hey there, first time caller and long time listener. I wuz wunnderin' what y'all think about our new draft picks playing cornhole? I heard some of dem players are pretty good but do they have what it takes to play cornhole at the next level? Mad dog props to my friend TITAN1. I'll hang up and listen off air."

By: RyanHurd on 5/13/09 at 6:21

that was the best city paper post i have seen in a while. may i commend you for your creativity, sir courier.