Titans owner says Young is done, team will seek new quarterback

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 7:08pm

This town was not big enough for Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.

Now it remains to be seen whether either returns for the 2011 season.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams said Wednesday afternoon, via a statement released by the team, that quarterback Vince Young no longer will be the quarterback.

In the same statement, though, Adams declined to endorse Fisher’s expressed desire to remain coach of the team.

Adams’ statement:

“As you are aware, we have been engaged in a series of internal discussions over the last month about the future of our football team. We have two critical decisions to make — the direction of the coaching staff and the future at the quarterback position. They are separate issues to me and will be dealt with separately.

“Today, I informed our general manager Mike Reinfeldt to move forward with plans to begin the process of identifying the next quarterback for our franchise. He will inform Vince Young’s agent that Vince will not be on our roster next season. I want to offer my personal thanks to Vince for all of his positive contributions to the club. These kinds of decisions are never easy and this is especially true for this particular player. I certainly wish that things would have worked out better, but I think it is best for the franchise that we move on at this point.

“I also informed Jeff (Fisher) today that I was continuing the evaluation of the coaching staff and I am hoping to make a decision soon.”

Fisher was unavailable for comment.

Young was 30-17 as a starter and appeared in 54 games total since being selected third overall behind Mario Williams of Houston and Reggie Bush of New Orleans. He threw 42 touchdown passes and 42 interceptions.

In a 2010 season cut short by a thumb injury, Young set career-highs for passer rating (98.6) and yards per attempt (8.0). He also made national headlines when he stormed out of the Titans' locker room in anger immediately following an overtime loss to Washington, a game in which he was not allowed to return to action after being hurt.

General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said, also in a statement, that he had spoken with Young’s agent, regarding the situation. It is unclear whether the Titans intend to trade or cut the 2006 first-round pick, neither of which can happen before Feb. 7.

Reinfeldt’s statement:

“I talked with Vince’s agent Tom Condon today and informed him that Vince will not figure into the club’s plans for next season. Under league rules, Vince’s contract cannot be terminated until February 7 when waivers begin for the new season. Similarly, he cannot be traded to another club until trading begins on the first day of the league year. Until then, Vince is welcome to rehab his injury either here at our facility or elsewhere.

“I let Mr. Adams know that we will explore all of the options that are available to us to solidify the quarterback position for the upcoming season.”

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By: dangerlover on 1/5/11 at 6:14

Only call to make. Well done Bud.

By: jwk6179 on 1/5/11 at 8:15

I agree. If Bud had sided with Vince Young on this one, I think Jeff Fisher would have either left or been let go. And who ever became the Titans new head coach wouldn't have lasted anytime with "VINCE making the decisions". Plus, I think a lot of Titans PSL holders would have second thoughts about renewing if they thought that Jeff Fisher would be gone and Vince Young still there.

By: rainessl on 1/5/11 at 11:23

sherman raines.im not a titan fan.i wish the whole team and organization would leave.didnt like them when they were the oilers.

By: dargent7 on 1/6/11 at 5:17

A good call. Fisher put 16 years into the Oilers/ Titans. Adams owed him.
Pussy-cat Young should be picked up by somebody, as a back-up. 3rd string. He's no leader. Pouts, fumbles, hissy fits. No coach will stand for it.
If he scores like tubby Haynesworth did, the NFL is a cesspool of idiots.

By: MetalMan on 1/6/11 at 5:36

In the words of Randolph and Mortimer Duke, "Goodbye Winthorp."

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 5:42

I posted this a couple of days ago in another forum.

TITAN 1's solution to the Adams/Fisher/Young saga.

1. Fisher and Young stay and get along like father and son and Young becomes a pro bowl QB who does not crumble under pressure and Fisher eases up on his hard headed ways and we win the Super Bowl.

2. Since I see no way in hell #1 happens, Young leaves and Fisher stays. We draft a QB who does not crumble under pressure and becomes a pro bowl QB in his first year and Fisher eases up on his hard headed ways and we win the Super Bowl.

3. Since there is no way in hell #1 happens and it is unlikely that #2 happens, we keep Young and let Fisher go. The new coach is not hard headed and Young does not crumble under pressure and becomes a pro bowl QB and we go on to win the Super Bowl.

4.Since there is no way in hell #1 happens and it is unlikely that #2 and #3 happens, we let Fisher and Young go and blow up the whole damn team and hope ONE YEAR we have a coach who is not hard headed, a pro bowl QB who does not crumble under pressure and we win a Super Bowl. If I am lucky I might still be around, but I don't think Bud Adams will be.

#1 & #3 are off the board. I am hoping for #2 but #4 is still possible.

Positive people always look at the glass half full and make the best of it and are happy most of the time. Negative people always find it half empty and complain and are miserable most of the time.

By: govskeptic on 1/6/11 at 6:05

Positive people are so smart and informed versus we regular Joe's!
This relationship was spoiled right from the beginning with Bud's letting
VY know that "You are my hometown guy, I personally picked you, and
"You're the one"! This set up an attitude with VY that he could practice,
behave, and generally do and think as he wished with the Team!

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 6:21

Good morning, govskeptic and thank you for noticing my signature. I AM just an average Joe. I just try to be positive instead of negative and paranoid. I won't always be able to be positive, but if I try then I will be positive many more times than not. As for VY, I really like him and have worn his jersey proudly, He is a good athlete, but has proven he is not the leader a QB needs to be. When he disrespected his coach in front of others, I knew then he had even more serious issues.

Positive people always look at the glass half full and make the best of it and are happy most of the time. Negative people always find it half empty and complain and are miserable most of the time.

By: serr8d on 1/6/11 at 7:16

Poor guy still doesn’t realize that with the mantle of franchise NFL QB comes a need for a bit more responsibility and necessary judgment than he possessed or even recognized was necessary. Talk about someone out of one’s element; Vince Young is a poster child for in-way-over-his-head syndrome.

Your signature, TITAN1, is not a guarantee that your commentary is beyond reproach and discussion; and inoculating every comment with it seems a bit premature and a lot preachy. In this particular case your comment's on the mark, but that doesn't mean that the next one will be.

By: fdanshep on 1/6/11 at 7:30

In a radio interview yesterday, Jeff Diamond came out and said what a lot of us feel-Vince Young is a "superior athelete but is not intelligent enough to be franchise quarterback".

His lack of smarts influences the way he studies (or doesn't study); his ability to check down and find the open receiver, his ability to deal with the media and his ability to recognize his frailties, change and progress. Maybe he is a natural leader as some say but his immature antics over the years has eroded the respect that many fans and teammates had for him. This winning record that his fans like to flaunt was against lower echelon teams. It is just smoke and mirrors. VY was never ever going to take us to the Superbowl.

Good luck Vince. Expect a call from Al Davis-he has a thing for castoffs.

By: house_of_pain on 1/6/11 at 8:06

By: rainessl on 1/5/11 at 11:23
sherman raines.im not a titan fan.i wish the whole team and organization would leave.didnt like them when they were the oilers

Well, I've always been an Oilers/Titans fan, and I wish you would leave.
Nobody likes a troll.
That being said, I hope we draft Ryan Mallett.

By: wataboutbob on 1/6/11 at 8:23

Ryan Mallett?? If I remember correctly he choked big time. Could be another VY.
What about someone with at least some pro experience like Donovan McNabb?

By: jefathor on 1/6/11 at 8:24

VY probably sits around every day and relives that championship game in Texas. Glory days, Vince. Despite how Bud Adams has misled you, you can't rest on your laurels in the NFL and he won't have the same feeling of entitlement with the next team he plays for. Maybe then he'll finally grow up. As for Fisher, we're still waiting on the word. Even he's finding out that if you are going to rest on your laurels, you gotta have laurels first...

By: house_of_pain on 1/6/11 at 8:33

Mallett didn't choke, his receivers did.

By: JohnGalt on 1/6/11 at 8:54

What was Young's major at Texas...when he went to class, that is?

By: NewYorker1 on 1/6/11 at 9:11

This is racism at it's finest. They Boo'ed the black guy and remove him from the team, but keep the other guys that didn't play as well. I will NEVER support the Titan's again. I wish them the worst of luck.

GO TO HELL Fisher and the Titans.

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 9:11

Thank you Serr, and you are right. My sig was only temporary, just wanted to share my personal view for a while.

HOP, I also lean towards Ryan Mallett, strong arm and strong mind. I agree that his receivers let him down. He could be there at #8. That is if we go with a QB in the draft. We may decide to go after Kolb or Orton if they are shopped and draft defense with the first pick.. Some people are saying McNab for a year and draft a QB. Many options out there, just hope we make the best one.

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 9:14

NewYorker, (our resident comic wannabe) if I'm not mistaken you have never shown your support for the Titans.

By: brrrrk on 1/6/11 at 9:49

NewYorker1 said

"This is racism at it's finest. They Boo'ed the black guy and remove him from the team, but keep the other guys that didn't play as well. I will NEVER support the Titan's again. I wish them the worst of luck.

GO TO HELL Fisher and the Titans."

Uhhhh.... NewYorker1.... are you serious? I don't know where you've been, but the last QB darling of the Titans was a black guy. Remember, Steve McNair? And as I recall, they occasionally boo'ed Steve as well, but he had enough common sense to realize that fans boo anyone, at anytime, for anything.

By: not_guilty on 1/6/11 at 10:40

Vince Young is leaving, but Coach Fisher is not out of the woods yet. Bud Adams may have realized that keeping Young and firing Fisher would have made the coaching job unattractive to any other coach who is worth hiring.

By: jwk6179 on 1/6/11 at 10:59

If the Titans do draft a QB with their First Round pick, I hope they also pick-up AN EXPERIENCED QB to start and let the Rookie QB sit and study under the EXPERIENCED QB and not make the same mistakes they made with Vince Young. For every Peyton Manning and Donavon McNabb that started as a rookie and later went on to All Pro careers, you have a dozen or more (Vince Young, Akili Smith, et al) that never lived up to their potental or their high draft positions. In fact, two of the most sucessful QB in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers, actually sat on the bench for a few years and learned the teams system before they were handed the QBing reigns.

By: d4deli on 1/6/11 at 12:29

Glad to see Vince go. Hope he matures along the way. I hope Fisher stays, and PLEASE, grab Andy Dalton while the pickings are good. This team always has had the talent and ability, but they have lost the meaning of the word TEAM. They never got it together, because they lacked a leader on the field. It hasn't been the quarterback, and there hasn't been a player to pick up the slack. I am ever hopeful for a better year next time.

By: bfra on 1/6/11 at 12:49

Newyorker1 must be mad cause he can't get a date with Vinnie!

By: dangerlover on 1/6/11 at 1:12

Newyorker1 are you effing kidding me? You're playing the race card here? Idiot.

By: tytanz27 on 1/6/11 at 1:21

I agree with titan 1 scenario #4. I'd like to see fisher get let go as,well. He's a little overrated. I'd like to take a chance on one of these young,passionate football loving assistant coaches in the mold of mike tomlin or raheem morris. sign,veteran qb d.mcnabb. draft kellen moore somewhere in the draft. cause you know we're gonna take a def. lineman with the 1st rnd. pick after trading down for more 6th & 7th rounders that we hope will pan out.because,this regime is "cap conscious". which is just a politically correct way of saying cheap. but,i'll root for the same team nxt. year,because I'm a die hard fan. emphasis on the die hard. go titans!!!

By: wayneCaluger on 1/6/11 at 1:38

As we move forward I hope the team will make better player decisions. Two years ago we cut Chris Carr because anybody can catch and return punts and kickoff's and we know how that went. Corrected that this year after a disastrous 2009.

This season we cut LD White who was supposed to be our short yardage back and picked up three good looking prospects in that area, one had a preseason season ending injury, one we let go outright and the other LeGarrette Blount we released with a crazy idea another team would not be pick him up off wavier wire and would sign him for the practice squad leaving us with a 5 11' 195lb (soaking wet) Chris Johnson and a 5' 9'' 205 lb Javon Ringer as our go to backs for short and first or goal to go.

I have not a clue what preseason games the coaching staff were watching, certainly not the same games I and many others including the Tampa Bay Buc's watched as Blount bowled over and/or carried on his back several DF linesmen or hurdling corner backs going at his feet to stop him.

LeGarrette Blount appeared in 13 games for the Buc's, starting the last 7. He had 201 rushing attempts complining1,007 total net rushing yards; averaging 5.0 yards per carry longest being 53 yards with 6 TDs or just over a TD per game started. Passing he had five receptions longest being 14 yards with no receiving TDs. Lost 1 of his 4 fumbles.

CJ started every 16 game with 316 rushing attempts compiling 1364 total net yardage averaging 4.3 yards per carry longest being 76 yards with 11 TDs or just under a TD per game started. Passing he had 44 receptions longest being 25 yards with 1 TD. He lost 2 of his 3 fumbles.

Nothing against CJ, but there are times in a game you need a short yardage back, if for nothing else to force the defense to stack the inside opening up other options. CJ or 5-9 207 lb Javon Ringer are the size or style players who are physically able to make a hole in the defensive line when there no hole. Blount hits the line at full speed. He doesn't run up to the line and studder step dance until smothered by the defensive line.

I just hope the Titans staff can start making first time around intelligent decisions instead of having to back track and say, maybe we need someone who can catch and return punts and kickoff's, maybe we need a hefty strong short yardage back or maybe we don't need a player like Pac Man who is already on probation in W VA before he graduates with a drive by thrown in the back seat diploma.

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 1:46

Carr let it be known he did not want to just play special teams and at that time he would not have gotten any playing time in the secondary. Hindsight is 20/20, Wayne.

By: dangerlover on 1/6/11 at 1:54

You have mental issues.

By: TITAN1 on 1/6/11 at 2:20

We all disagree on many things and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but NewYorker should be banned for that tasteless statement.

By: wayneCaluger on 1/6/11 at 2:22

Regardless of Carr's expressed wishes the Titans made no attempt through the draft or free agency to pick up a return man. Fisher said "anybody can return punts and kickoff's".

Bud continuing the evaluation of the coaching staff. I'm not sure if choosing Chuck Cecil over Greg Williams who was waiting for a call from the Titans was a Fisher choice outright or was a choice due to money. Sean Payton volunteered a 300K pay cut in order to make the deal happen.

Regardless Chucky and his one finger salutes for a 15 yard penalty needs to go. What kind of player example is that outside of making the Titans one of top most penalized teams in the NFL and one of the most player fined teams to boot. The object is to stop an offensive drive, not reward the opposing teams with a 15 yard bonus.

While Greg Williams is not the best DF Cord, he is at least at the top or on the chart of sought after DF Cord's in the NFL. Chuck claim to fame was take a highly rated 2008 defense to the bottom or near bottom in 2009 with little improvement in 2010. I have no doubt based on Keith Bulluck statement "we are doing what the coaches are asking us to do" he didn't want to come back if Ceil was kept on. With KB, KVB and KM departure the team was left with zero seasoned respected team leaders.

Of our current coaching staff excluding Jeff Fisher we have about three keepers in my book they are Mike Munchak Offensive Line, Jim Washburn Defensive Line and Mike Heimerdinger Offensive Coordinator. While I don't agree with Heimerdinger attempt a run, a run and throw on 3rd and 10 or more philosophy this is not the time to consider pushing him out the door.

If Jeff draws a line in the sand over Chuck then all I can say is, goodbye Jeff and thanks for all the work you have done and for being part of our community and the best of luck down the road!

By: NewYorker1 on 1/6/11 at 2:27


By: wayneCaluger on 1/6/11 at 3:58

TITAN1 Lets all hope for your #2 scenario. We all make mistakes and l hope Jeff will follow Bud's lead in this and start admitting his mistakes. Loyalty is a good virtue, but should not be put above the teams best interest. Putting the Cecil issue aside he needs to look beyond his friendship with Phil Sims and stop recycling Chris looking at filling that roster spot with a promising young player.

If Chris was that good of back up then why was he waiting by the phone from the end of August until mid-November and the only NFL team to ring him up was the Titans once again. A good guy and perhaps not a bad choice late this season, but year after year? Perhaps we would know about Rusty if had not sat out games to get another look at Sims, again?

If he had drawn the line with Pac Man like he did with VY perhaps that distraction would have ended a lot sooner.

Hope for 2, but expect 4. With you on that!

By: courier37027 on 1/6/11 at 7:17

If you look carefully you can see TITAN1's fingernail tracks in the dirt. Eventually he sees the truth, but not after a long and unsuccessful battle defending Adam Jones and Vince Young. We who know human nature and business organization maturity drag TITAN1 home, despite his kicking and screaming. Welcome home TITAN1.

By: dangerlover on 1/6/11 at 10:15

For the record, titan1, I'm not saying it's not true, but the removal of that ridiculous and stupid comment by newyorker makes gives the appearance that I'm saying you have mental issues.

By: FLeFew on 1/7/11 at 1:46

Sorry, Titan1, but I don't think it is hardheaded to expect your #1 QB to be a team leader and not run off pouting when things don't go his way.