Titans player upset by NCAA sanctions against former college

Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 4:18pm

Tennessee Titans defensive end Derrick Morgan took to Twitter promptly on Thursday and expressed his displeasure over the NCAA’s decision to have Georgia Tech vacate its 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference championship, one of several penalties that resulted from an NCAA finding of violations in both the university’s football and men’s basketball programs.

Almost as quickly, though, Morgan censored himself.

“Im hot..let me get off here b4 someone "hacks my account" and says something crazy,” he said in the last of three posts made within minutes of one another on the social media website.

Morgan was the fifth-leading tackler on Tech’s 2009 team, which went 11-3 overall including 7-1 in the conference. An eight-game win streak included a 56-31 victory at Vanderbilt, which was the Yellow Jackets’ highest-scoring game of the year.

The penalties included four years of probation, recruiting restrictions for the men’s basketball program, a $100,000 fine against the university and the vacation of all football contests after Nov. 24. The only victory among the three games in that time frame was over Clemson in the conference championship.

"Georgia Tech is committed to the integrity of its athletics program, including full cooperation and support of the NCAA," Georgia Tech President G.P. "Bud" Peterson said in a statement issued by the university. "Given the information we had at the time, I believe we took reasonable and appropriate steps to determine the proper course of action and acted in good faith. Looking back, there are things we could have done differently.”

Morgan was not nearly as contrite and even managed to pile on against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a favorite target of NFL players in recent months.

“So the NCAA is looking alot like Roger by the way they can just do whatever they want and ‘Fine" whoever they want..$312=Loss of ACC Title??’ was how Morgan opened his response.

One of the violations cited by the NCAA was that a football player accepted $312 worth of clothing from a sports agency representative and then played in the final three games when he should have been declared ineligible.

Morgan followed with: “What about the Millions of dollars we earned the NCAA , they gonna "vacate" that too”

Morgan led the conference with 12.5 sacks and was named the ACC defensive player of the year. The Titans drafted him in the first round (16th overall) the following April.

He missed the majority of his rookie season due to injury.

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By: KaeWor on 7/14/11 at 3:26

Morgan followed with: “What about the Millions of dollars we earned the NCAA , they gonna "vacate" that too”
Good one!