Tuesday, December 23, 2003 at 1:00am

As a No. 3 seed

What has to happen: The Titans can be a third seed by winning the AFC South division title Sunday. To do that, Tennessee would have to beat Tampa Bay and have Houston win at home against Indianapolis.

Who they would play: That scenario would have the third-seeded Titans hosting a first-round game against the Colts or Broncos. It would be Indy, if Denver wins at Green Bay. If Green Bay wins, it would be Denver coming to Nashville.

As a No. 5 seed

What has to happen: The Titans can be a fifth seed a few different ways. If the Colts win and the Titans win, Tennessee would be the fifth seed. If the Colts win and the Titans and Broncos lose, Tennessee would still be No. 5. If all three win or all three lose, the Titans would be fifth.

Who they would play: If the Titans are seeded fifth, then they will travel to face the AFC North winner. Baltimore leads Cincinnati by one game, and either a Ravens win or Bengals loss sends Tennessee to face the Ravens. Only a Bengals win and Ravens loss puts the Titans in Cincinnati.

As a No. 6 seed

What has to happen: The Titans can only be a sixth seed if they lose to Tampa Bay and Denver wins at Green Bay, giving both an 11-5 mark, but the Broncos an edge in overall AFC record.

Who they would play: In the event the Titans are the sixth seed, they would head to Indianapolis for a third meeting with the Colts.

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