Titans practice report

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 5:19pm

Defensive tackle Rien Long is bothered by leg soreness, but Fisher said it is not directly related to the Achilles tendon that cost him all of 2006, but rather the inactivity from it. Long has been in and out of practice and missed the Wednesday morning workout.

“He’s not been having any problem with the Achilles or the leg, but it’s been a year since he’s played, and he’s waking up every morning with something else that’s sore,” Fisher said. “But he’ll work through it.”

While Long was out, Albert Haynesworth made his return to the practice field after missing time with a sore back. Haynesworth had not practiced since July 31 before Wednesday.

Defensive end Travis LaBoy remains out with sore hamstrings as well. Defensive tackle Josh Savage, who tweaked his ankle on Tuesday, was out as well.

Several other Titans sat out Wednesday morning, including Reynaldo Hill (leg), Andre Woolfolk (hamstring), Roydell Williams (hamstring/groin), David Stewart (shoulder), Benji Olson (back) and Jonathan Orr (leg).

Orr and Stewart did conditioning work outside, while the team practiced in the bubble.

Fisher said Olson, who has been limited because of his sore back, would have a chance to play Saturday night against Washington.

LITTLE BUDDY: Vince Young signed autographs for more than an hour on Tuesday in temperatures approximately 100 degrees and explained why he did so for so long.

“The fans mean a lot to me,” Young said. “They put in blood and shed tears just like we shed tears. Most of those guys out there [at practice] probably don’t have a chance to get a ticket to the game.

“I’ve been there as a kid, trying to get that autograph, hanging out [for] Earl Campbell and all those guys on the Oilers. I’ve been that kid. I wanted to take time out because they’ve been sitting out there in the heat and I wanted to make sure they did get an autograph.”

What was the oddest item he put his signature on on Tuesday.

“I saw a bobblehead doll [of me] about the size of Pacman. That was pretty cool to see that,” Young said with a laugh.

NIGHT WORK: The Titans were to practice Wednesday night at LP Field for the first time in training camp.

“Usually the first time over there during training camp, it’s a pretty good practice. [It’s] a good exercise for the guys – the change of venues, and we’re going to use the clock and do a lot of different things tonight,” Fisher said.

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By: TITAN1 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

V The Quarterback = class act! Too bad Jones couldn't learn from him.

By: michaelmitchell on 12/31/69 at 6:00

I believe that Vince Young is a keeper. He shows a lot of class and that is what professional sports needs a lot more of.