Titans roundup: Thursday, Nov. 1

Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 8:25am
Matt Matoh, City Paper correspondent

Your daily guide to All Things Titans . . .

The City Paper: Titans’ injury woes couldn’t come at a worse time with intimidating Bears’ defense coming to town.

The City Paper: Titans’ Muhchak recognizes Bears quarterback Cutler’s talent, understands game is never out of reach with him under center.

The Tennessean: Hasselbeck says “trust” is reason why rookie wide receiver Kendall Wright has had success on third down so far this season. (subscription may be required)

AOL Sporting News: Will Titans’ defensive coordinator Jerry Gray be on the “hot seat” when the season ends?

Chicago Sun-Times: Cutler's fourth quarter success is a step up from seasons past.

ESPN.com: Hasselbeck’s familiarity with Bears’ defense could bode well for Titans’ hopes on Sunday afternoon.

ESPN.com: Bears’ offense trying to pinpoint source of slow starts on offense in recent weeks.

CBS Sports: Titans’ left tackle Roos hopes to return to action Sunday vs. Bears.

CBS Sports: Titans’ sign veteran offensive lineman Kyle DeVan to provide stopgap for numerous injuries on the line.

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